WaxProspectors is ready to launch!

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 3 Dec 2019


I'm playing the game on EOS Blockchain for awhile and i have to say that's one of the best blockchain games out there, you can make your first EOS with zero investment and and of course it's an interesting game. I personally got my first EOS there and i can say that i did it quite easy, right now and after all that time, my in game growth is very good and went day by day better!
The good news is that finally and after a long wait, they launch the game on WAX blockchain (December 4) and am quite exited. I have brought the voucher that will give me a head start and ofc i know the mechanics from the previous game, so i'm quite confident about it!


Well, wish me good play time and good earnings!also posted on my Steemleo account

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