Rising Star a game that i never speak before

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 24 Aug 2020


I've been playing Rising Star for some time now, the reason that i never mention it before is because of the time spent there was quite limited (doing missions once in awhile and basically no progressing at all). It's been a couple of days since I've been more active there and i can say that is a pretty nice and well developed game, it has many options, interesting concept (who doesn't love music?) and of course is a HIVE game!
Well i'm still a "cheeky chap with limited musical skills" but that is about to change, i'm lvl 11 now and i got some nice NFT cards to help my growth!

R4 Female Rapper!


50 Fans and 200 skill and 4 luck is a great early help.
Thank you Rap battle Goddess!

II Record Producer


That dude make my dog voice sound better with the +25 of his

I also have 5 loyal dogs that following me everywhere


I guess i have to boost my career soon with some new cards soon because my natural talent isn't that great..

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