Plebcoins that pumping and make me happy!

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 25 Nov 2020


Well almost everybody holds a shitcoin and feel like "when that shit pump I'm gonna be rich" and delusions loke that. In my case XVG is that shit, i don't know why but before awhile i felt that XVG is i undervalued treasure that i have to put my hands on.

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I don't remember how many times i have read that phrase on cryptoprojects, still something inside me told me "buy that shit" so i did it. As the Pleb King i did my move and bought some, exchanging the astronomical amount of 210 Tron for 1000 XVG (basically i sold a shit for a shit) and the funniest is that i felt proud 😂. I was also planning to buy more in the future but somehow forget that i even hold some in the atomic wallet (good investments are like this, you buy and forget for some years 👀). Anyways that shit looks very bullish right now and pumps hard, so i feel happy and who knows i might spend some more penies for that shit hopping for a miracle.

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