I have finally added a reasonable amount on wleo/eth pool!

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 26 Nov 2020


I have finally did it, after 3 days with very high transaction fees (some times even 130 gwei) I've managed to add liquidity in the pool. I can say that i stand lucky, because after awhile trxs fees rised again to 50-60 gwei and right now are at 116 gwei (i did it with only 22 gwei).


So with that addition my share is 0.103% of the pool and the total Investment was around 550$ the time i did it, kind of satisfying becase that amount i had set as a target to begin with (1000 wleo). Now i have to wait a bit, see how all that will went and ideally another 1000 wleo will be added soon increasing my share even more. That will probably after the launch of ETH 2.0, which means when i deside to move my funds on the liquidity pool, the trx fees will be a lot cheaper and i will not have to wait that long for a single transaction.

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