Evolution is the Way

By cryptomaniacsgr | cryptomaniacsgr | 25 Apr 2020

Good evening people!!

Early today i was searching through the leofinance platform to curate with my alt account some interesting (for me) posts, that time was when i notice something very interesting on @chekohler's post Taking Peakd Tipping For A Test Drive0fb3a129e7fa1b870e2e7c72bbbafd9990e0bb57c54156bcdedbc642ffd0e48c.png

As you can very easily understand from the title, on peakd.com interface you have the option now to ''tip'' an article you really like as an extra reward to the author and also help to regulate the HIVE inflation because 1% of your tip will be send to @null which means burned.


Well to tell you the whole truth this isn't the first time for me seeing that kind of reward system, Whaleshares has implemented it on a HF the last September (don't remember very well) but didn't went well, the main reason for me was because they completely remove the voting system that are based on before (with that system had attract people from STEEM) to "prevent" circle jerking and completely detach from STEEM pathogens, the result was just disastrous. I'm telling you that because i know it from the inside, i have a quite large stake there and i was opposed on that move from the begging, after some conversations on discord i have stayed back and waiting to see what will happen.

Anyways, it's completely different now, it's an addition and not the main system and probably if more and more people use it (as much as anyone can) it will help to HIVE inflation!
Something last but not least, HIVE ranks now 212 with price at $0.383784 and Market cap $117,778,897, yeah 212 instead of 48, Binance----->CMC------> Hive can't rank above beloved Justin's STEEM..

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