Minestake: Buy, Hodl, Earn, Repeat!

Minestake: Buy, Hodl, Earn, Repeat!

By L | cryptomaniac | 3 Jun 2020




As 2020's jigsaw puzzles pop, a series of unimaginable, peculiar, and crazy things emerge. And so as in the world of cryptocurrencies, a lot of new token/coin emerging, minted out of unorthodox ideas and beliefs of their creators bringin multiple instances of promised rewards, very high prices, and/or most of the time a paved road to riches and wealth.

Meanwhile, on mid April, 2020, Minestake was minted at the Waves blockchain bringing its hodlers a series of monthly rewards in the form of dividends earned thru mining, staking and all activities engaged by Minestake. 



Woah, that's cool eh? But what is it anyway?

Asset info:

Name: Minestake


Asset ID:








Now can we talk about the rewards?



Monthly, Minestake hodlers who hodl  500 or more Minestake tokens shall receive rewards in the form of dividends. Minestake rewards and features are as follows:

  • Unmoved 500 or more Minestake tokens earns 15% on Minestake every month.
  • All eligible hodlers shall have 80% of tokens generated from Minestake Staking projects.
  • The remaining 20% will be reinvested into Staking.
  • Ethereum Mining Token (Mine003e) a 13,000 supply token which generates .003 ETH per token per month.
  • Masternode Rewards (TBA)
  • Wallet (TBA)
  • DEX (TBA)



Alright, I'm listening tell me more!


Here is an excerpt of Minestake Whitepaper V.1.0


White Paper V.1.0

Project: Minestake.

Our world is changing and it's changing faster than some may realize, in this day and age
money should not be an issue for anyone and you should be able to make money off the money
you own, not a small % that most institutions give you. No, a sustainable percentage based on your Hodlings.
That is the basic idea behind Minestake. Passive earning, instead working hard for your money let your
money work hard for you.

Goal: 1 Minestake $13 USD

How will you earn from Minestake.?

📌 MineStaking:

30% Minestake project.

-Hodl 500 or more tokens receive 15% on your tokens every month.
-Minestake members receive 80% of tokens generated from our staking project.
20% is reinvested into Minestaking.

📌 Masternodes:

45% of the Minestake project.

One of our biggest objects is the development of 4 masternodes
each with with a total of 100,000 waves.
Monthly Earnings 1876 WAVES.

65% of this is Shared with Minestake members and the amount of Minestake
tokens you hold will be used to calculate your percentage of said share.

35% will be reinvested into the nodes themselves as they are very expensive
to run and need to operate smoothly.

The 400,000 total waves from the 4 masternode Minestake will always own.
They will be locked in order for us to generate the monthly
revenue from this part of the project, and we can stop it at any time
if a better investment should present itself that benefits the
group more.

📌 Mining:

25% of Minestake project.

We are going to issue a token for mining Ethereum.
there will be a very limited supply of 13000.
Initial sale we will offer 1300 tokens price $3 each.
1 token will earn the Hodler .003 ETH each month.

Minestake total Supply 50 million.



⭐️ April 2020
Distribution started

⭐️ May 2020
Minestaking program started

⭐️ June 2020
Ethereum mining.

⭐️ February 2021 (Target may change)

Marcus Anthony


Official Minestake SocMed accounts:



Available faucets:



Running Minestake Events and Airdrops:



Buy Officially at Waves.Exchange:





So hop in early and enjoy rewards folks!

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow! 💪😎



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