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By Ghengis | CryptoLowDown | 3 May 2020

From November 2019 to the end of March 2020 LBRY gained 1,000,000 new registered users. So April saw promotions and celebrations, including a number of rewards for users that were registered before the end of March. LBRY rewards it's users in LBC Credits, currently approaching 3c (up from 2.5 c a week ago).

LBRY rewards both viewers and content creators. There are daily rewards for viewing new content, rewards for reaching milestones (total number of views, total number of registered followers, inviting new members, sometimes for no reason).

LBRY is totally decentralised. There are a number of DApps - for PC, Android and coming soon, IOS. You can also access LBRY from a standard wen browser by accessing LBRY.TV which is a centralised PC App.

People are already building their own custom LBRY DApps.

Now, that's huge 1,000,000 new users in 4 months.

In April, they achieved 2,500,000 registered users! That's 150% growth in 1 month!

What's making LBRY so popular?

Number 1 (in my opinion) is people are getting sick of the censorship on YouTube. Deleting posts they don't like, removing people they disagree with, shadow banning - you name it.

Number 2 LBRY have done some really clever things. They started by enabling you to link your YouTube account to your LBRY account - every time you post on YouTube your video automatically gets posted on LBRY. Then they added a new feature so that if you create on LBRY, your video will automatically get posted TO YouTube. Not only that, you get additional rewards from LBRY. YouTube creators are now making money from both YouTube and LBRY. Some are reporting they are making more money on LBRY than they've ever made on YouTube.

The following link is an interview of the founder of LBRY Jeremy Kauffman by Naomi Brockwell who has 35,000 followers on YouTube. She has been a YouTuber since 2013. I think she's been on LBRY since 2017 and has nearly 12,000 followers. She has made about $660 on LBRY just from this post.

How does LBRY work? Content is uploaded to the LBRY blockchain and can then be accessed by a DApp.

You have content creators and followers (Not mutually exclusive). You can upload your content as Free to View or you can put a price on it.

I joined LBRY in about January, but didn't get active until the end of February, early March. I was just playing with it at first but then I noticed that with only a few posts, people started tipping me a and so I decided to get more serious.

I post all my content as Free to View, yet I get an increasing number of tips each week. In April, I made just over $20 - roughly $10 from LBRY Rewards and $10 in tips.

At the time of posting, I have only 49 registered followers, 79 followers in total. As you can see in the following screenshots, 26 of those were in the last week!

You can now also embed your LBRY posts on your website.

I'd love to be able to share my LBRY posts on Cent and vica versa - hint /Matthew

If you'd like to join up, please click on my link below and we both receive bonus LBC (LBRY Credits). Currently the reward is 15 LBC but that can change. It was 10 when I joined, then during April they raised it to 40, now it's 15.$/invite/@ghengis:7

To claim the signup reward, you need to click on the link, which will automatically register you as a follower of my channel but THEN you need to register with LBRY. Until you register with LBRY neither of us receive a bonus.

Everyone who replies to this post and confirms they have signed up (by posting your own invite link in the commemts) will get a 10 LBC tip from me.  


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