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By LouP77 | NashvilleLou | 30 Nov 2021

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In 2003, Google unveiled its AdSense/AdWords program, which connected advertisers with internet web publishers. And as someone who had been working on websites since 1995, I saw huge potential. 

It's why I started many of my websites in the summer of 2003, including Draft King. After eight years of me looking, finally there was a viable way for web publishers to be connected with ad buyers. 

But I never stopped looking for other options, particularly with the rise in popularity of ad blockers through the years. And that finally led me to Adshares. 

When they mentioned decentralized advertising options, they got my attention. 

Using its own dPoS blockchain, Adshares is able to dodge the inevitable slow-roll that you face with some crypto-related projects. 

This also avoids the frustrating nickel-and-dime process you sometimes get when working on other chains. 

In addition, the fact it's decentralized means avoiding any Google-related content restrictions. 

ADS Token
But it's not just advertising for websites that interests me. Adshares offers the possibility to potential advertisers of renting ad space within blockchain games and NFT galleries. 

This is the type of non-traditional thinking about promotional tactics that has great potential, at least in my estimation. 

The native token for Adshares is ADS. It's available via a number of currency conversion websites, including Uniswap and Pancakeswap. 

You can find more information at

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