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By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 22 Apr 2021

Crypto wallets are hard, they get lost, they get hacked, they get forgotten, if you want to keep some sort of privacy you have to recycle them constantly, etc, etc

This is a problem as it is, but it further compounds when you are a public crypto figure because now in your articles people can see your wallets, and sometimes is not easy to update these, specially if you have a lot of articles or videos.

For this reason, cointree -not sponsored- created a neat interface that you can use for free, in which you can collect as many crypto addresses as you want, but only sharing a human readable link to your audience.

Have you lost the private keys to that BTC address that is on 1 thousand videos? no problem, just update the cointree link going forward and every new BTC address will be reflected on your cointree profile, so that new users who click your link can send you BTC to the correct address.

And that's that, is as simple as registering to any average site, but the functionality and practicality of it cannot be underestimated.

I made a cointree account many months ago, but only as of this moment will commence to push it harder.

If you feel generous and my content has provided value to you, sed me some crypto, I have listed many wallet addresses from any different blockchains in my profile.

What do you think about this solution? will you use it? let me know in the comments down below.

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