Dapps Needed on the LBRY Ecosystem

Dapps Needed on the LBRY Ecosystem

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 26 Apr 2021

I really, really like the LBRY dapp, I can upload images, audio, video, pdf's and even software, however, even though it is a solid project that works, the user interface has a striking resemblance to YouTube, just take a look


Nothing against it, is just that I would really like to have more dapps that leverage and allow different formats, that in turn enable different kinds of interaction, just as an example, on twitter is not required for the user to upload a thumbnail, but on youtube is necessary, although not obligatory, is just that if you leave a youtube video without thumbnail it looks really unprofessional.

So, for this reason, the following are some user interfaces that would really increase the value of the LBRY blockchain in my opinion, and just like hive, you would still use the same blockchain, just changing dapp whenever you want to do a different type of content.




A twitter interface clone that runs on the LBRY blockchain would be amazing, no necessity to upload thumbnails, just quick messages, simple.


Lbry Steam

It is possible to upload software to the LBRY blockchain, and programs can run inside of the dapp without downloading those, for this reason, I think a user interface just for games would be really nice.



decentralized encyclopedia is long overdue, but is necessary to have the customary user interface for it. Other blockchains have tried it, but no one has gain enough users to matter.



Just like wikihow but running on LBRY, step by step tutorials resistant to censorship, great.


Lbry Audible

An interface with an audio player (similar to audible or spotify) in which people listen to the audios uploaded to the LBRY blockchain, like audiobooks, music, podcasts, etc


Lbry KPP

An interface to read only paid ebooks within LBRY could be huge in my opinion


Lbry Instagram

A user interface for a grid of images, direct and to the point.


Lbry Browser

A browser based on chromium that only searches inside of the lbry blockchain, with an integrated script that tells the user how much LBC is deposited on the vanity name that is at the top of the search engine.


Lbry Quora

Questions and responses inside of LBRY, with a bounty on LBC for the best response.



I think these ideas, if applied by any member of the LBRY community, could really take this blockchain to the next level, but it is necessary to have a good integration with lbry wallets and also a way to encrypt the private key but still be able to use the third party app, which is what is done on the hive blockchain.

Do you have any other ideas that are applicable to LBRY, let me know in the comments down below!



(My favorite, I can upload PDF's, audio and video, and is decentralized, follow me there)


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