I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [9 Weeks Later]

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [9 Weeks Later]

By Brawnd0 | CryptoLetter | 21 Sep 2020

Nine weeks ago, on July 14th, 2020 I've put ~$7000 across various DeFi platforms. Here's the first post if you've missed it.

Today, on Week #9 of this experiment, I am happy to share with you the returns made thus far. I have been quiet over the past few weeks due to the fact that the profits were not changing too much and I felt there was no value in pushing updates every week.

Here is a quick reminder of what I have been tracking;


Here are the results on a token basis with the number of crypto-tokens returned (NOT $ Values).


Key Takeaways:

  • The number of BNT tokens has increased by 61% but this profit is mitigated by the fact that the number of ETH in the Bancor pool fell by 36%.
  • As expected, the tokens in the Curve pool have remained steady whilst returning 4.5 SNX.
  • The Total number of AMPL has increased significantly in the Geyser Pool. I saw a solid 242% increase in the number of AMPL whilst ETH in the pool just dropped by 8%.
  • Please take note of the $DAI fluctuations around the $1 peg. Oftentimes a decimal change results in temporary nonsense results. 


Now, let's take a look at the $ side of the experiment:



  • The TOTAL includes all the Total Accumulated Rewards

Key Takeaways:

  • We can see that I am up by a total of $2,078 and this includes the latest DeFi Drops.
  • The Kyber Returns are in the negative territory due to the fact that KNC has dropped in price. I also realized I have to participate in governance proposals to get rewarded for my staking. 
  • As for Balancer pool, which is down by a total of 14.21% with the price of JRT falling and the rewards not making up for it.
  • Surprisingly, the SNX lent to Aave has almost doubled the $ value of what I put in.
  • The highest returns come from the Uniswap V2 + AMPL Geyser program which has almost increased by 2.5X. I might be moving this over to the second Beehive version that was recently released to boost liquidity across a wider range of pools

Well, that’s all for now folks! I will continue to share these results over the following weeks if there are any further developments.

See all experiment updates here



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