$1K ETH Price Highly Possible, Survey Results

By Brawnd0 | CryptoLetter | 13 Aug 2019

Ethereum’s development has been going very well, even if the price has not been showing it in the way that investors would like. A recent Twitter poll, however, shows that the community still has strong belief in Ethereum, saying that the $1,000 mark is likely to arrive. 

The survey was conducted by Nik Patel, author of the book “The Altcoin Trader’s Handbook”, and 54% of respondents said that the price of Ethereum will hit or exceed $1,000 in the future. Currently, Ethereum is trading at around $208. The last time Ethereum was over $1000 was in February 2018. All-time highs were at roughly $1448.


Ethereum will launch its sharding and Casper upgrades in 2020/2010. Although delayed, the sentiment is still that it will be a monumental move forward by the project bringing, among other things, a shift to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.

Price predictions are notoriously difficult in the crypto market and several bullish predictions in the past few years have not been achieved yet. However, that aside, the general consensus is that Ethereum is making fundamental changes to the network that is putting it in a good place to become the decentralized supercomputer that it is aiming to be.

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