Is the IMX Token the future Uniswap of CryptoGaming?

Hello HODLers,

Crypto Markets are taking a breather but this does not mean we have to do as well. Today, I have been looking deeply into the upcoming Immutable X $IMX Token.



What is it?

High ETH gas fees have penalized Gods Unchained development for a long time, therefore they decided to make their own internal platform to trade cards. This is an ETH L2 Network for NFTs made by Immutable.

They are opening it up to other games in order to maybe one day become the go to platform for Cryptocurrency/Blockchain gaming.


I believe this is a great strategy and even if I believe because ETH has been working pretty badly for the past 12-18 months it set back the development of Gods Unchained; at least a great product came out of this reccuring issue. So for this: Kudos to Immutable !


IMX Tokenomics

This is an extract from the original Immutable announcement

Total token supply is 20,000,000 $IMX.

Currently, $IMX has three primary use cases:

  • Fees: 20% of every transaction fee on the protocol will be paid in $IMX. If you do not own any $IMX, $IMX will be automatically purchased using your ETH (creating a frictionless user experience).
  • Staking: all $IMX used to pay transaction fees is sent to a staking rewards pool. This pool will be proportionally distributed among users who are currently staking $IMX — the more you stake, the more you’ll earn.
  • Governance: as an active member of the Immutable X community, you have an $IMX-weighted vote on the future of the protocol.


Gods Unchained, their main game... yet

Gods Unchained is a TCG and the most polished blockchain game out there. You can download it on your computer and play for free. You will be given a set of core cards allowing you to compete against other players.


By playing, you will earn other core packs and there are weekly ranked competition where depending on your number of wins, you can get some Trial of the Gods Packs that you would normally have to pay for.

1st $IMX Airdrop to Gods Unchained (GU) players ! (3% of Total Supply)

As they announced in this post on July, 22nd. They will be airdropping 600k $IMX Tokens to GU players.

100 000 $IMX Tokens distributed equally to any user that traded or held in their inventory a GU Card at any point before July, 22nd

As a total of 7918 users are eligible for this airdrop, every eligible user will receive 12.63 $IMX.


Alpha Airdrop

Another 400 000 $IMX will be distributed to users depending on the amount and rarity of cards they own. You will earn points for every card owned and therefore a percentage of this upcoming airdrop.

Below is the table used to calculate your total number of points


This is clearly increasing the trading activity of cards on the Immutable X platform. In addition, packs and chests of the Trial of the Gods Editions are SOLD OUT ! I guess I should have bought more...

Finally, the last 100 000 $IMX may be used in other promotional airdrop activities during this period.

This first airdrop only represents 3% of the Total Supply and therefore I would expect other games joining the platform as well as their new game Guild of Guardians.


$GODS Token: Gods Unchained in-game Token

The $GODS token is designed to be the specific in-game currency for Gods Unchained.

This token will allow its HODLers to:

  • craft NFTs
  • purchase packs
  • earn more rewards through HODLing / staking
  • vote

Players will be able to earn it through playing Gods Unchained. The $GODS White Paper should come out very soon.

I sold my Splinterlands collection too soon and could have had a fortune. I will not do the same mistake twice and therefore I keep collecting cards ahead of these events.

Until then, keep grinding !


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