Calling my fellow readers for help: Vote on DeBank!

Hi HODLers,

We keep saying that the power behind any cryptocurrency is the power of the community.

For once, I will ask this community to help another community out: the and SpiritSwap communities on Fantom!


We need to get their token rainSpirit listed on DeBank:

Here is the link to the vote:


If you do not know SpiritSwap or Ola.Finance, you can read my previous blogs:

Thank you in advance!

Why would you do that?

Well, I will obviously share this post in the different discords and twitters involving the previously mentioned communities. Maybe we will have 5-10 new DeFi users taking a shot and trying out to post on this dapp. Who knows!

This is what is called cross pollination!

Stay safe out there and I count on you!

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