Free NFT's
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Free NFT's

In this short article, I'll outline a few different NFT based games in which you can earn NFT's either for free, or nearly free; simply by playing, and in some cases by using the provided referral links to gain bonuses. 

First on the list: Dark Country
   Described as an 'American Gothic Style' TCG, Dark Country will soon be releasing its early-access phase. (presales are currently live on Opensea) Featuring an incredible range of artwork, and seeming very promising as a 'play-to-earn' game, Dark Country has incredible potential. Currently there is nearly $2000 USD pooled for tournament rewards during the first season of open gameplay; without the game even being live! Another awesome feature offered by Dark Country is cross-chain operability between Ethereum, EOS, and WAX blockchains. By signing up for the early access launch with my provided link, you'll immediately earn a booster-pack, as well as the ability to refer your friends so they (and you) can earn booster packs as well! 

Blockchain Cuties Universe:
   By now we all know about CryptoKitties, which is likely to still be the most utilized crypto-collectibles game on the market, with no signs of stopping its journey toward the moon. The problem I have with Cryptokitties, or rather, the reason I have little interest in it, is that I don't particularly like cats. Blockchain Cuties Universe is similar at its core to CK, but has a number of available critters; including bears, lizards, porcupines, dogs, and yes... kitties. It also offers the ability to send your cuties on adventures, in which they automatically battle with NPC cuties and, if victorious, return with rewards such as currency (Cutie Coins), equippable items like armor and weapons to increase their stats, and a number of consumables with different effects. Another interesting feature being implemented into BCU is land ownership and 'army-building' (The following description is the information listed on the BCU land pre-sale page) 

|| Players will be able to choose their factions, own lands, build and develop cities, gather resources and armies, unite into clans and wage war against their foes and opposing factions || 

Using my provided link, you should earn a starting bonus when registering for the game, which is also cross-chain compatible allowing interoperability across ETH, TRON, EOS, and NEO blockchains. 

Reality Clash AR
  Following the sensational popularity of Pokemon GO, a wide number of augmented reality games have been created, some have been questionable at best, while others have risen through the ranks in an attempt to dethrone the electric mouse we all love; but so far, as far as I'm aware, there's not been a well constructed FPS game built in AR. Reality Clash answers that statement with weapon customization, and real-world based terrain that you can utilize to go head-to-head in intense first person shooter combat. Just for signing up, you'll get a free NFT pipe rifle, that can be used in-game immediately, or resold on any NFT marketplace (just as long as you don't mention that you got it for free :P)  

If you like these short impressions of NFT games, let me know and I'll do more! I'll also be starting to do NFT art reviews as a method of adding visibility to some lesser known talents and projects! To leave feedback or find out some more about my personal journey through the rabbit-hole, head over to (an ongoing WIP) and follow my on my social media channels you can find on that page! 

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated! You can help me out a bunch by simply signing up or some of these games for free! ~


I'm a Cryptoartist, indie musician, writer and web3 enthusiast. I spend hours every day finding the hidden gems of the NFT and web3 ecosystems, and I'm proud to be bringing that information to a relevant audience.

Goose Gone Crypto
Goose Gone Crypto

Writing about my journey in and beyond the crypto metaverse. Topics are likely to include: - Dapp reviews - Interesting projects I've come across - My personal thoughts on decentralizing and tokenizing ALL THE THINGS - Exclusive announcements about things I'm doing, planning, or am excited to be a part of. - Probably a decent mix of my art, music, writing, and poetry (Most of which is tokenized as NFTs previous to allowing the world to gawk at it) } - Tokenizing all the things -

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