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By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 28 Oct 2021

Broaden your horizons!

The world is slowly opening up, we can think about traveling, changing careers or even living in a foreign country like Japan.

Japan has a shortage of skilled IT people and is a center for gaming and blockchain.

There are also a lot of foreign companies like Nike Japan and Google Cloud here.

So how can you find out and apply for jobs (some of them remote!)?

Here are just two resources:


"Gaijin" means "foreigner" and this online platform has a lot of English teacher type jobs but also positions in Gaming, Blockchain and Hardware / Software Engineering. Many require some Japanese ability but not always!

Here is a sample:

Back-end Application, Lead Engineer at Fintech Company (crypto & e-commerce)
MANNET Co., Ltd.
¥4.0M ~ ¥6.0M / Year, Negotiable

Hardware/Software Engineer
Despatched to clients, Tokyo
¥3.0M ~ ¥6.0M / Year, Negotiable

Localization Tester - Games (European Languages & Asian Languages)
¥1,250 / Hour

PC Support (Japanese ability required)*
LoreaTec -
¥330,000 ~ ¥450,000 / Month, Negotiable

Video Game Translation - Project Manager
¥3.0M ~ ¥4.5M / Year, Negotiable

System / Software Development (Automation, IoT, Web, Application, AI, Infra)*
Galileo CO., LTD. -
¥300,000 ~ ¥450,000 / Month, Negotiable

If you are interested in gaming check out Break into a New Career with a Job in Japan’s Video Game Industry


I've seen a lot of blockchain positions and other fintech jobs. Sign up and do a search. There are some higher level positions there.


There are lots of headhunting companies here, some internationally famous like Robert Walters, Daijob (e.g., here Gaming), some specialists like Pacific Associates (IT / Healthcare), and many, many others!


What if you speak no Japanese?

If you have the tech skills there's a high chance you could eventually find a position. One idea would be come to Japan, look for work, maybe do another job like teaching until you find something good. English teaching jobs are easy to come by and plenty of people go this path.

Check out my post

So you are thinking about living and working in Japan!

Akiko Suzuki is also a great teacher of Japanese, specializing in Tech and Gaming Ako Nihongo Lessons (remote and onsite).


What if you don't have coding skills?

Again how about just coming to Japan, getting any job, then enrolling in a coding school?

Again I wrote a post about it!

Live, work & code in Japan!


Want to work in Gaming?

Check out this post: 

Game on - jobs in Japan!


Where to stay

Cheap hostels to stay in Tokyo, Sapporo and Kyoto


Japan and crypto - Satoshi, MtGox, Kusama, Sushi Swap etc.

All the Japanese influences in crypto


Finally, good luck, gambatte!

if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer in the comments.


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