Passive income from Crypto Referrals - updated for 21/22 🐂 run !!!

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 14 Jun 2019

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If you have a website, blog, twitter or instagram account you could try doing some work with referrals, that is affiliate marketing. Of course the number of followers you have has a huge impact, and then also what kind of followers you have and where they are from.  

In some parts of the world some low amounts of commission would be more meaningful than others.   

Some of the services appeal to “nocoiners” so even though you are "shilling", you are also onboarding newcomers to crypto and that’s a great thing in my book!  

Other services someone already in the crypto game might join.  

There’s kind of no cost except your time and effort and also your reputation. Some people dislike “shillers” and there’s also the ethical question of the quality of the stuff you link to, and promote.  

I guess a reasonable rule of thumb is do you or would you use that service?  

So these are some sites (of course these are my own affiliate links) that you could join yourself and then promote to get your own rewards.

Get a multi-coin wallet on your mobile

It is a good idea to download a multi-coin wallet app to get addresses that you can pay the cryptocurrency to; try Trust Wallet, Infinito Wallet, Abra

Affiliate links


Free sites where you can get very small amounts of mostly bitcoin, Daily Freebits is one excellent example, and Free Bitcoin another, but I also like the gamified Cointiply You can set up your accounts and then use the referral links to supplement your own clicks.
Oh, you should register with FaucetPay to aggregate faucet earnings and discover new faucets like CryptoWin

Exchanges with referral schemes

The biggie, Binance, literally lots of reasons to open an account (DEX, IEOs, $BNB, just plain old trading, buying and selling).  

Another biggie, Coinbase, interesting things like crypto debit card, the Earn program (study some videos and get some interesting crypto in “payment”), the custody Vault etc.  

Mercatrox - okay it’s a small one, I know of it as a Japan ICO I advised used it  

Deribit - attended a presentation by these Dutch guys, derivatives platform, used by pro-traders!!

BlockFi - not exactly an exchange, more to earn interest, or take out a loan (to avoid selling / tax purposes) $25 sign up bonus, credit card too!!

Mining (regular PC or Mac)

Three opportunities to mine using your own computer (actually usually Monero but converted to Bitcoin). They pay referrals and bonuses for any sign ups; right now some good offers.

HoneyMiner 4,000 satoshi just for downloading and installing

Hotel HoneyMiner GPU cloud mining at reasonable prices

Cudo Miner 5,000 sign up bonus and 10,000 satoshis bonus for early adopters!!  

If you are serious about mining I recommend Hive OS - say you build a mining rig (it's not that difficult!) with a couple of GPUs for just one rig Hive OS is free, there's a great app to monitor on a phone too!

Another choice is NiceHash you can rent out or rent mining capacity

Cloud mining

I’d always say “buyer beware”, but these are legit!


Hotel HoneyMiner  

Cryptocurrency conversions 

(Change between currencies)



Change Now  

Hardware Wallet

(If you accumulate crypto you'll need this)

Ledger - I use the Nano, but would love a Nano X. (Actually Deribit sent me one for free!)


Various projects have bounties with typically social media tasks, checkout TranslateMe for example.

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