Japan needs coders!

Live, work & code in Japan🇯🇵!

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 21 Oct 2021

There are a lot of opportunities in Japan for software engineers, think global companies like Google, Amazon, Indeed and then Japanese ones like Mercari and Rakuten. You don't always need to speak Japanese and there are plenty of non-Japanese people working in such companies.

So how to become a software engineer if you have no experience or want to change career?

Well in Japan there is a really excellent coding academy called Code Chrysalis and one of the founders, Yan Fan is holding an AMA on Zoom November 4th (7pm JST; 10am GMT).

You can join the AMA remotely and you can also take the courses remotely (they are in English and Japanese!)

Here are some press & video links about Code Chrysalis:

How to Work in Japan as a Software Engineer? Advice from the Founders of a Coding Bootcamp

Executive Impact: Coding Bootcamp

Silicon Valley-style coding boot camp seeks to reset Japan Inc

Read more on living and working in Japan

So you are thinking about living and working in Japan!

Good luck!

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