Got wallet.dat files but don't know addresses or even coins!!!!

Got wallet.dat files but don't know addresses or even coins!!!!

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 28 Oct 2020

Use a hex editor

One issue that sometimes comes up when your computer crashes, you install a new OS, you migrate from one computer to another, you back/delete/forget etc. is finding multiple wallet.dat files on your hard drive and not knowing whether they are Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin or whatever and also not knowing the actual address associated with them.

A wallet.dat file contains your private keys, public keys, scripts (which correspond to addresses), key metadata (e.g. labels), and the transactions related to your wallet, so it's not something you want to delete unless that address has zero balance!

If you don't know the address then you are not able to check if they have any precious cryptocurrency, and if it is safe to just delete them.

An easy way to extract and find the address is to use a hex text editor and just search for “name” and next to it will be the wallet address.

On a Mac I used Hex Fiend:


like this:


Voila - a Litecoin address!

On a Windows machine try HxD.

On Linux try one of these.

Any tips appreciated.

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