Easiest NFT to Create - Most Undervalued NFT to invest in

The Most Undervalued NFT Every Investor Forgets?

By CryptoKrusty | CryptoKrusty | 13 Apr 2021

With everybody going apeshit over NFT's and trying to jump in on the hype, I really don't know what to do. I want to invest in an NFT yet I can't afford to burn a Banksy or buy a Picasso, and I can't afford to any NFT's that I'm sure will hold value(i.e. flat out not trusting my own taste in art).

I trawled through the internet looking for a little to no cost entry to the world of NFT's when it suddenly hit me. Why not get a practical NFT. An NFT that I can use. If I'm quick enough and lucky enough, an NFT will hold intrinsic value.

How could I not see it before? I too got caught up in the hype of NFT's doing hours of research on individual companies, collections, and games. I had been putting off buying an NFT for months now, due to wanting to invest everything I could afford into cryptocurrencies directly. And yet I have spent so much time on OpenSea looking at Unstappoale Domains. Why not buy a blockchain domain!?

I decided to go with Unstoppable Domains due to the one-time fee, and I just like the .crypto affix. So I bit the bullet and settled on a name that I think(hope) could sell well, and is easy to remember.


So why digital hustle? There's a couple of reasons I chose this name. The first reason being that my first choice domain is already owned and I do not have the eth to fork over for it. So why digital hustle then?

As before mentioned, it's easy to remember and also easy to spell. Why is this so important? The same reason an Unstoppable Domains address is so practical in the first place. You can link all of your crypto wallet addresses to your blockchain domain.

Anybody who would like to pay you in crypto can then use your Unstoppable Domains address as a wallet address. Simply type digitalhustle.crypto in the destination address and send any crypto you'd like.

Gone are the days of long, confusing, eye-straining addresses. Simple to remember, simple to send, and simple to receive. But that's not all.

Another reason I call it a practical NFT is because you can also host a website. As it stands you do need the Unstoppable browser extension to view all .crypto websites, however, if you get in early enough you can potentially start your very own blog based on a good domain name. In turn, potentially generating a passive income stream through website engagement.

Another good way to invest in an NFT meaning, not just artists can cash in but people with good content to share. Surely this is the easiest way to create an NFT, especially if you're not artistically inclined.

Something else to remember is the fact your domain is stored in your wallet. This means it is only accessible with your private key, giving you complete control with no outside censorship. As the content is decentralized it is completely free from being taken down or interfered with. Added benefits due to blockchain technology.

The last point for making this a practical NFT is the ability to use dChat for P2P chat, group chats, and read-only broadcasting channels. I personally don't have any use for this feature however there is no denying its benefit, and earnings potential. I might look for an excuse to make the most out of my new NFT though and see if I can set up a P2P chat.

If you have read this far I do appreciate it. I'll also mention that I did end up buying several domains from Unstoppable Domains. Another NFT that I plan to sell is Bitpoppa.crypto, a little nod to Notorious BIG that hopefully, a whale might like to buy; It's good to dream, haha.

With that said if you have a couple of moments, I do have two questions. Any advice on good NFT's to consider buying that aren't too pricey? And also what price do you think I could achieve if I were to sell the domain names? Peace out and stay safe.


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