Passive Income Strategy

My Current Passive Income Strategy - Part 1

By CryptoKrusty | CryptoKrusty | 6 Apr 2021

This is my current strategy for passive income that I self-manage. I hope someone will find value in this as I have done on my journey to financial independence. The first part of this series will focus on FIAT. I know, I know, however just bear with me as at the end of the day you need FIAT to pay your bills. I also believe that spreading your assets mitigates risk, so that includes a FIAT portfolio portion.

I suppose the first place to mention as per everybody's advice if you ask any question about passive income or passive income strategy, is dividend-paying stocks. For that I use Etoro. There are better options out there but this is the platform that I use. I won't say too much about stocks however as lately everybody and their dog is knowledgeable about the stock market. All I will say is that it feels good to own part of such big companies.

The second thing to address is my emergency fund. I wasn't happy with it sitting in a bank account earning next to nothing, therefore I moved it to Mintos. It earns ~11% and I have immediate access. Mintos is a P2P lending platform based in Europe with 45% of the EU market share, 340,000 registered users, and most loans offering a buyback guarantee. Minimum investment of €10 and zero fees. Essentially this is my BlockFi account for my FIAT.

I enjoy the user interface, convenience, and ease of using their app. They also have a great history and are a really innovative company. On top of all this, it's free to deposit and withdraw funds; it seemed like a no-brainer. Get a bonus depending on how much you deposit here(up to €1000).

For US citizens you will need a European bank account. This is no problem with banking apps such as Revolut(€15 bonus with three digital/real card payments) or N26(€20 bonus when you spend €20, digital or real card).

The last thing concerning FIAT I would like to explore is bonds. I do not know how to purchase them just yet so am currently crawling through the internet trying to soak up as much information as possible. Like all my investments, one of the first most important things to consider is the minimum investment amount. I am by no means a rich person so can only add small amounts at a time so this is important to me. I was never thought about wealth so this is everything I have found out by myself that I am slowly trying to build over time.

If anybody has any suggestions or advice it's very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


If you decide you would like to support me in my journey you can use one of the links above where we will both receive a bonus, or if you are completely sick of your FIAT and want to get rid of some you can always buy me a coffee.

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