You're killing me, smalls: 5 lil complaints about crypto

By Spitkitten | cryptokitten | 3 Aug 2020

So, I'm just about 6 months (!!!) into my crypto adventure. That means, of course, I now know enough to have opinions.

Inspired by Thomas Wolf's fun post, "The Top 17 Things WE hate in Crypto-Life," here's my incomplete list of shit that's annoying, pointless, and/or maddening about crypto and life on the blockchain.

Can I offer solutions? Nah, prolly not. I'm 6 months old. Can I complain (er, ask questions)? Yep. Here I go.

In no particular order, 5 things that give me indigestion re: CC & BC:

~ So many accounts. I have eleven billionty accounts now. I have mini-complained about this. Let me mini-complain again -- though, I know, no one has a gun to my head, forcing me to catch all the drips and drops of tokens and coins that I do, in order to scrape together all my itsy crypto streams, I have to open an account with whichever wallet or exchange that particular dribble/service/or reward can catch it. That often means: I have some crummy wallet to catch a currency, which I then roll over to an exchange, in order to convey it into something worthwhile. Then I have to transfer it into my actual wallet.
It's not labor intensive, though gas fees can make the whole exercise futile. What I don't love is the eleven billionty KYCs, with my actual information all out in the world. I have to track all that...because I'm not an idiot.
I worry. That's all.
And worrying is annoying.

~ Taxes. I live in the US, which means I already have problems. And our tax laws are...complicated. Add into that the fact that no one making laws seems to understand anything, and they think all crypto is Bitcoin...and. Yeah. It's not pretty. And this is coming from someone who already had to figure out taxes on royalties, so it's not like I'm a 1040EZ wuss.

~ Shitty, sexist-ass culture. If crypto is a tool, like so many smug faces say, and tools are agnostic; if the point is the decentralized, democratic access so many say it is, then why do I still get comments like 'hey, fugly bitch, shut the fuck up/go make me a sammich/give me a blow job/go get raped'? (these are the sanitized versions, y'all, and very few of these comments are from this community)
I'm not hiding my gender, but nor am I wearing a bikini in my profile. I'm not surprised, nor am I really dismayed. It's just gear grinding to always be reporting comments. Exhausting.
(and BTW: for all y'all who think like this, it's my goddam mission to teach all the women and all the gays and all the folks you don't like how to do all this, so stay tuned to be outnumbered one day)
So many of you do cheer the diversification of tech, and I treasure the living crap out of you. Really.

(ETA: exhibit 1, the creepo who now follows me about and downvotes and reports all my posts everywhere bc I called him out over comments that his "future" wife would have to be a virgin 🙄)

~ Holy macaroni, hash mining takes a lotta energy. It takes the de-cen right out of it. Right? I mean, sure, OK, yeah -- no one entity can block or undo a transaction. But. The romantic appeal of repurposing a buncha hardware into a rig in the basement next to 10 box fans -- the digital equivalent of 10 acres and a mule -- is out of here. It's kind of like the Wild West, if Deadwood were server farms.
It just makes me sad.
And mining pools appear to be more of mine fields, rife with scams and dead ends.
Nodes seem cool though. I mean, for some projects. I guess.

~ And lastly: would it kill devs to throw up even a bare bones player guide for some of these blockchain games? I'm poking around a few, and even the ones with tutorials can initially seem impenetrable. I don't need my hand totally held, but ye gods, even just a sentence or two can make a difference. I know. I can search for kindnesses created by players, and I do. But, for example, Town Star, that Gala game? One can figure out, pretty easily, how to start playing, sure. But how to sell items? That took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out. I will die with that secret. But it was awhile.

So, what about you? What makes you grind your teeth? This is a complain positive space, so go for it.

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