SERO:Privacy Oriented Blockchain with Innovative Ideas
SERO:Privacy Oriented Blockchain with Innovative Ideas

By CryptoKeeper | Cryptokeeper | 17 Apr 2019


I recently stumbled across SERO (Super Zero), a privacy oriented coin with some interesting features that might just make it a really secure and anonymous coin. It's still in the early stages, but they appear to have a professional team, venture capital, and a long list of things they're implementing on their platform.

SERO is using a retooled, and enhanced version of zk-SNARKs called Super-ZK. Super-ZK is purportedly 20x faster than zk-SNARKs. There is even a video showing a side-by-side comparison versus zCash HERE. Here is a quick overview of their process:




As you can see, they are also using Turing's Complete with homoorphic encryption to allow different modes of Turing's to be used based on the DAPP developers needs. SERO CHAIN is a rebuilt Ethereum storage structure whose method involves a combination of historical and conditional states. They claim this design allows for greater expansion capabilities. There is also and off-chain storage structure.

SERO also applies UTXO and ACCOUNT models together, so it can use UTXO where CT is required, and ACCOUNT where Smart Contracts need to be deployed.You also have the SE-Random consensus engine that uses (BA) Byzantine Agreeement for consensus, and is based off of (VRF) Veritable Random Function, for random verification node selection. 

There is much more that they are working on in terms of stability and scalability upgrades, and if you want to know more, please check out their website or their twitter account:

SERO is also busy building their network with some strong partnerships. They entered into a strategic partnership with QTUM this month, SERO also joined the blockchain eco-aggregation community MATTER. Although I can find no information on this project other than on SERO's site, so I can only assume that this is an internal project that they are also developing alongside SERO.

Currently, SERO is finishing up their ICO, and is beta testing their network. The network is live and they are looking for folks to setup full nodes, and you can also CPU mine solo with some kind of license, or on a mining pool without any licensing. ( I don't know what the licensing is about.) Beta miners will see their earnings carry over to the Main Net launch on a 1:1 basis. 

While it's still too early to tell where this will go, SERO appears to be building a strong foundation, with detailed tech specs, business partnerships, and even looking for legitimacy through project evaluations and ratings with groups like Daling Research( A Chinese firm whom I have never heard of, so take that with a grain of salt). They have over 16,000 telegram members, 2,000 twitter followers and around 212 Discord users. 


Check them out at:


As always, my opinions are my own, I have not done any paid advertising, or shameless shilling of products for airdrop bonuses or free coin, and should I ever do so, I will fully disclose that information. Thanks for reading.


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