Publish0x: The New Frontier and How to Tame It

Publish0x: The New Frontier and How to Tame It

By CryptoKeeper | Cryptokeeper | 2 Apr 2019

Changes have come to the Publish0x platform, and they appear to be good for business. This month, the team added the Hydro token to the mix, which gives you another cool way of tipping the writers you enjoy reading-(; ) I don't know if it's related, but the price of the Bounty0x token has just risen a fair amount, and essentially tripled the value of my existing BNTY tokens. As you might have noticed, the reward in BNTY has decreased significantly, with the majority of tipping taking place in Hydro, however, since the value of BNTY increasing as it has, the rewards are quite impressive right now. 


       This is a great time to be a frontier explorer on the Publish0x platform. The reason this platform is as solid as it is-the writers and tippers who frequent the site and keep things running smoothly. Which begs the question, how can we make it better? While the Bounty team is busy building up the backend, it's supporters(that's us) should be working on building up the platform from without. I think this method should be pretty straightforward and twofold. Firstly, we need to promote ourselves and the platform to our followers on other platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Steemit, Minds, Gab, etc, and give them the opportunity to view your content here, and see just how the platform is rewarding for everyone involved.


Obviously posting links to your content here is a great way to start, and if your output is great enough, post content exclusive to the plaform, and invite people to check it out here. I repost everything I write on my blog, and add links to it back here there, on Twitter, Minds, and Gab. I may need to write an app to do this automatically, as it's a bit time consuming.


       Secondly, Post quality content, and reward quality content. There has been a mass influx of cut and paste gurus whose content is the same vapid, feel good mumbo jumbo I saw on Minds, and it's just useless platitudes, double talk, Pretzel logic, and heartstring tugging poop Du Jour meant to suck you in (clickbait.) I'm sure some of it is well meaning, and worthy of our attention, but if you see something that you know is low-quality, don't reward it. By tipping quality content, it rises to the top, and is what people will see first when viewing the 'popular' posts on the site. This won't stop the 'new' content from being bombarded with crap, but hopefully the team will have a solution that allows us to better filter our searches. Maybe categories? It's still relateively easy to filter out by using tag searches. I always post my most common content(cryptocurrency related) with tags like #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain, or the name of a particular project I am talking about #bounty0x, #banano, #veil, #dash, #syscoin, etc. 


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