Netbox Initial Review

Netbox Initial Review

By CryptoKeeper | Cryptokeeper | 29 Jul 2019

After seeing an article on Publish0x about Netbox, I thought I'd download the browser and see how it worked. This is my initial review after about 1 week with the platform.

In case you are wondering, Netbox is a browser that aims to be a full featured platform that will eventually include an integrated multi-currency wallet, a payment system, a store, content evaluation and scoring, a decentralized storage provider, distributed video hosting service, Proxy service. The main component of the netbox blockchain is masternodes. 

Two features that are live and active now are netbox (NBX) rewards for using the browser, and NBX staking rewards. You can take the NBX you have and earn every day and send it to the staking pool address. This pays you a regular daily dividend based on the amount you stake, and stacks with the new coins you earn. So every day when you receive rewards you can send them to the pool and they will be added to your total.



So far using the browser has been easy. It is chromium based, so the interface should be familiar to all of you chrome users out there. The wallet for NBX is integrated in the browser and  appears in the top right next to the menu dropdown. When you click on it, it takes you to the wallet page with all of the options including moving to the stake pool options. Interestingly enough, the wallet is also a separate wallet. I am currently running it on my Macbook, and the integration between it and the wallet in the browser is seamless. Another cool feature is staking in the desktop wallet as well, so if you don't feel comfortable moving your coins to a staking pool, you can stake right from your wallet.




So far, payouts have been regular, and generous, staking works as expected, and I have had no issues transferring coins back and forth between the wallet and the stake pool. There is a timeline for the implementation of new features, and the timeline is conservative and seems well thought out. This is easily one of the more ambitious projects I've seen, but it's simply too soon to tell if it will be a successful venture or not. I will keep you updated as new features are implemented. 

In the meantime, go ahead and download the browser. You get 20 free NBX just for doing so, and you can immediately start start staking it. You get daily stake rewards, and rewards just for doing your normal browser routine. Use my referral link here and help a brother out.. Thanks.


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