First Publish0x Payout.

First Publish0x Payout.

By CryptoKeeper | Cryptokeeper | 19 Feb 2019

So I just wanted to quickly share with you my experience with getting a payout (as it seems to be a thing.) One of the more common themes I see people do with new sites that payout in crypto, is to try and establish the credibility of the site by testing payouts. This is a good indicator, although some schemes pay you with other peoples investments to give the appearance of legitimiacy.

I am absolutely confident that is not the case with Publish0x. Everyone has seemed to have great experiences so far, and the site curators/admins have been super cool and supportive. 

So Here's a screenshot of that first payout. 18 hours to approve, and less than hour to payout. I thought it might not happen as I put in the payout request late on Sunday night. I was wrong.



Well, there you have it. My first payout. All good. Cheers.


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