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My strategy on Harvest Finance? #CropSpotter

By KarolCrypto | CryptoK | 1 Feb 2021


Hi, in this post I will describe how to earn money without knowing! with little capital! and most importantly, safely!

What is Harvest Finance?

Harvest Finance is another DeFi protocol looking for the highest earning pots for farming. Like Yearn Finance, the protocol has its own FARM token which is distributed as a reward to liquidity providers

What is Farm? And more information about the project

This is mentioned in my post about Farm:

The first tactic for new investors. Bitcoin's price will continue to attract new investors in the cryptocurrency market, this is also supported by the pandemic. as they say ,, the devil is in the details" so go for simplicity and security that is USDC.$ 500 is a good amount to start with Harvest


It is a Stablecoin which means its price hardly fluctuates making it safe and perfect for a start. To start, we usually have little capital and no knowledge, and this is another reason why stablecoin is the best in this case

How much is USDC?

Where to buy USDC?

I recommend binance in the USDC / USDT pair, we stay as far away from ETH as possible. Binance is, in my opinion, the best exchange with many tokens and organizing various contests, launchpool and airdrops and there is a much lower fee than on Uniswap.The ETH fee price is cosmic, it is much better to use the BSC network

Binance link:

Is 40% a lot?

It depends on your point of view, for some it's a lot, for others not, you can earn up to 700% on Harvest, but it's very uncertain. However, if you start, it is perfect for you, you don't have to do anything, there is no risk and you will definitely earn. All the time earn money for this time and educate yourself to use the earned funds well


1. Buy USDC

2. Send to wallet. From there all you need to do is head to Harvest.Finance

3.You are on the start page, select a wallet, click MAX and go down and click on deposit

4.Wait and earn


Being a farmer is not shame but pride! Have a nice day






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