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BeerSaturday Challenge

As part of my new found journey into the blogging universe I came across a community on simply called Beer. And they have a weekly competition with crypto prizes for content related to enjoying a Beer on a Saturday hence called #BeerSaturday.

I thought that was a great way to get involved with that community and connect with others who enjoy a relaxing drink. 

So I posted my entry... reproduced below.


It's Saturday, and i've just discovered the #BeerStaurday challenge, a tailor made opportunity to indulge in my passion for Real Ale.

The initial challenge for me, however, was to decide on which ale to highlight and discuss give the fantastic selection i face on arriving at one of my favourite watering holes, The Moon & Stars.


I've tried all four on offer (a fair few times each and ignore the Ruddles that was never in the running lol) but in the end I plumped for a a pint of Naked Ladies from the Twickenham Brewery (


The name of this lovely ale references a set of elegant statues in the nearby gardens of York House, on the banks of the River Thames, depicting eight sea nymphs carved in marble in the late nineteenth century. And it is said that "During the blitz of the Second World War, there was concern that moonlight reflecting on them would give a navigation mark to the Luftwaffe. So, as part of London’s Blackout measures, the statues were covered with a grey sludge – they have since been cleaned!" thankfully (source:

image source:

The ale itself (as per the tasting notes on the website) is a "glorious hoppy, golden ale using Herkules, Celeia and Chinook hops for full flavoured satisfaction". It is also an award winning ale being the 2019 CAMRA Champion Golden Ale of London.

At a very sessionable 4.4% ABV it is a an extremely refreshing ale, perfect for a warm summers afternoon/evening, and is one of my personal all time favourites. And of course i couldnt restrict myself to having just the one pint - quality control purposes dictate I needed a second, at least that's my story and im sticking to it... lol

Have a great #BeerSaturday. And if you enjoy a beer and would like to enter future challenges join me on Peakd


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