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Unlocking abundance to fuel generosity. 

The OPHIR Cryptocurrency is a decentralized endowment token designed for unlocking abundance to fuel generosity; empowering & resourcing grassroots churches and those advocating for the poor and vulnerable across the Philippines and the world.

OPHIR Overview




What is OPHIR?

Inspired by the land from which Solomon sourced the purest gold in the ancient world from to build the Lord’s temple,
the Ophir Cryptocurrency is a decentralized token which makes use of the very first endowment smart contract on the blockchain.

It was created in partnership with GMAFEC (General Mariano Fellowship Of Evangelical Churches), a council of over 100 churches that exists to serve some of the poorest communities in the Philippines, with goal of generously allocating tokens as a free gift to thousands of grassroots churches across the Philippines and the world to empower them to access the abundance available in the world through the utility that the Ophir Token and its community provide.

Ophir Utility Features


The Ophir Cryptocurrency makes use of the very first endowment smart contract on the blockchain. Beneficiary churches and individuals who choose to stake their OPHIR tokens will increase their holdings through staking rewards earned in OPHIR Tokens which they can scrape or withdraw at any point in time without penalty, so long as their principal remains staked.

When you "stake" your OPHIR crypto by locking it up in the endowment contract you earn rewards which are programmed into the contract. There are no admin keys that would allow for this to be altered. It is executed according to the programmed yield curve. There is no effort from any external party that can influence or alter this.

The base rate is 5% annually but can reach a maximum annual average of 85.5%, if staked for the maximum of 22 years.

Education, Coaching, & Mentoring

Holders and stakers of the OPHIR cryptocurrency will be given access to a wealth of educational resources through the Token’s primary beneficiary, GMAFEC, along with other community driven initiatives geared towards unlocking abundance and igniting generosity in the form of disruptive education, coaching, and mentorship.

Topics to be covered will include cryptocurrency, financial literacy, and exponential technologies, while giving special emphasis to addressing the growing concern of scams, cyber-attacks, social media account hacking, and fraud victimization among Filipinos. Content will be grounded on biblical principles tackling wealth, generosity, stewardship, and other relevant matters.

Tithes, Offerings, & Donations

OPHIR can be utilized as a means to donate to beneficiary churches who will be given the proper training to receive and steward OPHIR as tithes, offerings, and donations from all around the world. This will allow churches from the poorest and most remote areas to gain access to the next generation of donors, breaking down all geographic boundaries.




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GOD Bless OPHIR Token

By: Okane Satoshi

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