CITYUPTAKE Partnership Promotion

By Okane Satoshi | CryptoJournal | 1 Aug 2019

CITYUPTAKE is proud to announce our formal partnership with FIO Social, a social media company utilizing the Tron blockchain.

To celebrate the occasion, we will be sharing 16 million FSTER tokens with eligible CITYUPTAKE holders with one lucky holder winning 1 million FSTER tokens at the conclusion of our promotion.

To be eligible for participation, we are asking our CITYUPTAKE members to:

While supplies last, these eligible holders will receive a bonus of 2x FSTER with every purchase of CITYUPTAKE. If you purchase 5,000 CITYUPTAKE, you will receive an additional 10,000 FSTER! We will be sharing 15 million FSTER as a part of this purchase bonus.


To create the whitelist of eligible holders, we are asking that you use the Yep! Messenger and send the CITYUPTAKE admin on FIO your TRX wallet address that you use to purchase CITYUPTAKE. Look for this small icon in the corner of the FIO Social screen:

Please feel free to verify your eligibility status with an agent prior to purchasing CITYUPTAKE.

1 Million FSTER Prize

At the conclusion of our promotion, we will hold a drawing and select one lucky CITYUPTAKE holder at random to receive 1 Million FSTER tokens. Stay tuned for more details as we are hoping to do this during a live event.

For help creating your accounts, please visit our telegram channel where one of our agents can assist you.


General Disclaimer:

CITYUPTAKE rewards are never guaranteed. The average reward is a history of past rewards and not a predictor of future rewards. CITYUPTAKE is a utility token that provides a voting service for its members. The Trade Desk is built via fee with purchase, and owned and operated by CITYUPTAKE.

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Okane Satoshi
Okane Satoshi

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