Polygon Investors: Grow your $MATIC Almost 200% through CremePieSwap!

By JohnnyCode | CryptoJohnny | 22 Aug 2021

As Polygon ($MATIC) continues to bull alongside other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), and Cardano ($ADA), you can stake it and earn close to 200% in interest with CremePieSwap! CremePieSwap is growing fast and becoming the top Automated Market Maker (AMM) in the Polygon network. As they advertise, CremePieSwap is the PancakeSwap for the Polygon network and offers much of the same opportunities and even a familiar style and layout. You can utilize it to exchange currencies, stake in their native CremePieSwap token ($CPIE) pool, or numerous Liquidity Pools (LP). They have a *lottery system as well for those of you daring souls that are willing to risk it for a biscuit.


CremePieSwap started off as a wild ride that got pumped fast and dropped back to the initial offering price two days later. It had leveled out through July but then started to lose momentum as the market shifted to bull. This caused a lot of people to drop out due to FOMO with Ethereum and Bitcoin racing back towards their ATHs. After dropping to its all-time low on August 18, it has since shown upward movement. MATIC had a huge Rally the next couple of days and in turn, $CPIE has been going back up.


Another AMM that I use had a similar pattern, Shibance. Shibance is an AMM on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that produces exceptional APR at a similar rate and risk of CremePieSwap, but less so as BSC is more widely adopted than Polygon thus far. CremePieSwap not only has its native token juicing close to 200% but you can pair it in the LPs with MATIC itself and earn almost 600% APR! There are plenty of other LP pairs that go all the way up to 862% APR as of writing. With $MATICs booming month and the way the market is looking, it is only a matter of time before Polygon grows into one of the top protocols utilized in blockchain. CremePieSwap gives the investor a great opportunity to grow their MATIC-based crypto far faster than the organic growth that the Polygon network is already receiving.


Thank you for reading! In the comments let me know how you see the Polygon network growing and how you make your $MATIC work for you?

*The CremePieLottery isn't for the faint of heart or to be played with funds you can't afford to lose. Be very cautious with any lottery as you can and most likely will lose the crypto you dump into it. Either way, Good Luck!


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