Audius + Tiktok

Audius Price Jumps 50% Becomes First Music Streaming Platform to Partner with TikTok

By JohnnyCode | CryptoJohnny | 17 Aug 2021


The current cryptocurrency bull run started with Ethereum breaking its longest winning price streak providing a catalyst for the rest of crypto to follow suit. Now amid everything going up and up, TikTok debuts its FIRST ever music platform partnership, Audius. Not Spotify or Apple, but a decentralized streaming platform that cares about its artist and listening base. This is huge for the music industry as well as the crypto industry. If you haven’t heard of Audius, it is a fantastic platform that has huge support from music professionals and hobbyists alike. Audius provides a free decentralized streaming platform that makes creating and sharing music easier than ever before. Now artists can have true control over their music and not be nickel and dimed by the big guys such as Spotify and Apple.


Audius has to offer:

  1. Upload unlimited music without paying anything to Audius for doing so.
  2. They provide in-depth statistics and advanced metrics that allow the artist great control and understanding of their music.
  3. Exclusive content tailored by you for your audience that can be unlocked and/or purchased with AUDIO.
  4. Audius offers the highest royalties to artists over any other streaming platform.


From the conception of Audius, it has had its music artist in mind. They have immutable and timestamped records of each artist's music files that are secured by a decentralized network of node operators. This means that your work is not only safe on the blockchain but secure from plagiarism. While artists earn AUDIO, they can take those profits and stake them for increased earning and voting rights. Giving voting rights by staking your AUDIO through Audius allows those who are most invested in the technology to directly control where the platform is going. This all goes to show the legitimacy of this technology and how much crypto really will change our future.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know in the comments of your experience with Audius and where you think decentralized music may go from here.

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