What Does Ethereum's Fail Mean for Other Big Alts?
Big alts may be stunted because of Ethereum failing

What Does Ethereum's Fail Mean for Other Big Alts?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 28 Mar 2021

Unless you've been under a rock, you know about the Ethereum Network's huge scaling fail. Optimism, the temp fix for the temp fix before Ethereum 2.0, was pushed back. It is now coming in July. We have yet to really see any price action in ether based on this news, as the entire market is pretty much moving as a whole waiting to see what bitcoin will do after its recent correction.

The price of ether could very well be buoyed by the sinister efforts of the IMF and greedy countries trying to buy up top crypto assets. These idiots don't know that Ethereum is being frontrun by other chains. All those morons see is "number 2 asset. Must keep plebs from getting rich. BUY." I don't think that should change anyone's investment plan, however. Moving into more volatile chains ahead of the curve makes for bigger overall gains. If your investments rise when compared to the ETH price, you can easily go back and buy ETH. But if you're lagging the market being stuck in ETH, you're not gaining any ground on your competition in the market.

That is what I'll be doing — looking for assets that are rising against ETH. This means focusing on projects that resemble top ETH projects. All of these projects have lower market caps than their ETH counterparts, meaning they can go to the moon much easier. Let's take a look at a few.

From AAVE to Fortube

FOR recently came out with version 3 of its lend/borrow banking platform Fortube, improving the stability of the platform through a unique way of calculating the liquidation ratio. The UI also looks much better; it's actually quite inviting now. You can access it on BSC as well as ETH and use a plethora of top altcoins along with BTC in the bank.

I've personally been using FOR for months, and it's the protocol that I was talking about in my epiphany article. (Everything ended up ok.) I believe in the protocol not only for its upgrades, but also for its customer service. If you're going to have a centralized service, then damn right your users should be able to contact you and help direct development. They did that, and what's more, they did it on short notice. They came up with a solution that helped me and also allowed development to move forward unimpeded. If that's not bullish, I don't know what is.

Also, market cap on this gem is only $40m compared to Aave's billions. V3 had a small positive effect on price, but this protocol really hasn't had its pump yet.

From Tornado to Swirl

I believe privacy is going to be a big deal in 2021 and 2022 depending on when the draconian overlords come down with a scary regulation. You need to know about the bullshit they're trying to pull to impede your independence. Read here to learn what they are doing and what you can do about it.

Tornado.Cash isn't a huge protocol on Ethereum because the average #numbergoup tard in crypto hasn't yet learned the importance of privacy. But as shit gets worse in society and they try to compensate through higher taxes, people are going to naturally look to maintain more of their wealth in crypto. That means privacy on transactions. For those in the know, Tornado is the way to go on ETH. On BSC, the protocol that is looking good is Swirl.Cash.

The UI is great and the smooth rollout speaks well of the development team. A large part of the technology is forked, but so was the tech from one of my favorite apps, Cream.Finance. Most importantly, the process for obfuscating your transactions is simple enough for a cryptard to understand.

If you catch this article quickly, the APY for liquidity mining on the platform is over 2000% with price stability around $5.

From *Insert Here* to Wowswap

I found some protocol that could perform leveraged swaps on ETH, but I forgot the name. Doesn't matter because the fees on ETH make this a stupid idea anyway. Wowswap (wowswap.io) is how you do that on BSC, and I'm quite excited to see the response to this one. Not to use, mind you, but to invest in and reap benefits from.

Granted, this is the least stable of the protocols I've listed here because I haven't been able to vet information from this team as much. They're from Korea. But everything looks good as far as startup crypto projects go. I'm not getting any subconscious red flags, and they would have rugged already if that's what they wanted to do. Price jumped after the AMA they gave with Launch Zone.

As more idiots get into the crypto space, margin trading is going to be a bigger deal. If Wowswap gets the job done here, I expect early investors will have a great time. The liquidity pools for a margin protocol should be juicy as well. As I write this, launch is in 13 days.

Bottom line is that you don't have to wait on SNX, AAVE, COMP, or any of these big ETH projects. They will probably experience the same stagnation as ETH does over the next two months. But there is plenty of innovation to invest in for the meantime. Share yours in the comments — good stuff only. If your project rugs, I block your ass (not kidding).


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