The Elon Vitalik Dump Lets You Know Who You Are

The Elon Vitalik Dump Lets You Know Who You Are

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 13 May 2021

This is worth another blog post because it's that important.

Are you holding crypto for the right reasons? Or are you just trying to get rich because someone told you that you could get rich?

Without going into the details, the game theory works out that you get rich if you hold for the right reasons. If you hold to get rich, you get rekt. This is generally true of life. The Elon pump plays this out.

The original purpose of crypto, the reason I hold my crypto, is to create a new financial system across the world. This system will equalize financial access across the world and help billions achieve a better life. 

This system is owned only by those who buy into it. It is controlled by no one. If someone wants to leave it, they leave. If they want to rejoin, they rejoin. It cannot be destroyed from the outside except by an extreme effort, and it is very unlikely to face this threat as it offers a better alternative from the norm even to its detractors.

The system is a reflection of its owners. So the system will express emotions and question its own value from time to time. But it cannot die unless it ceases to believe in itself.

I am invested in this system. I trade in and out of parts of this system, but I am fully invested in this system. Not a smart investment, not a logical investment. Fully invested. If you decide to base your investment activities in part or in whole on what I do, then know the philosophy you follow.

I'll just say it. If you've got kids and debt and no self-education on crypto and you're betting on crypto to change your life within some nebulous time frame of your uninformed choosing, then do not follow anything I say. You will not achieve your preferred outcome.

I did not enter this system to pledge allegiance to one overlord instead of another. Said another way: I didn't sell my fiat to get away from Jerome Powell and begin worshipping Elon Musk. I got into this system because I believe in this system even if Elon leaves it. If Jerome leaves his system, it collapses. Plus I just don't like what it's about. I want it to collapse. I like this one.

I will continue to believe in this system even should Elon leave it completely. In fact, I will do as I am doing now. As Elon leaves, I invest more. It only means that the system requires more of my energy and less of his. Elon has other priorities in our shared goal of bringing humanity forward. Consider that you have a greater purpose than that which you have currently shouldered. If you have greater purpose, as a rule you take on more risk. Your little $10,000 and your dumbass opinion on how shit works probably can't help Elon over at Tesla or SpaceX. It can possibly make a difference in crypto, believe it or not.

Vitalik donates a billion dollars of that useless Shiba coin to something useful, saving lives in India, and all I hear from crypto is complaints. Are you fucking serious? They're piling bodies on top of bodies in the thousands in that country, and you fags are whining about a 30% dip in your bags? Get out of my system and don't come back. You're not needed here. Get rekt and fuckin go back to unemployment checks and faking disability to get by. You could always go back to your dad's insurance company, faggit. Get your sorry ass out of crypto.

You're the type of person who wants to run up Shiba, leave someone else holding the bag, and cash out to go buy a watch or two nights with some OnlyFans model. "What do you think the price on $FUCK token will be? Should I buy $FUCK or $SHIT token?" That's like asking me "Dude, should I work at McDonald's or Burger King?" I don't know, bitch, do you wanna clean grease blisters off your right or left arm? Fuck out of my face.

The bigger point is that even Vitalik does not own this system. If you clowns really believe in the doggie coins, then show it by keeping the price up even without Vitalik. You DO have that ability, you know. But what's hilarious is that if you look at Vitalik's public wallet, you'll see it's full of these doggie shitcoins that faggity founders send to him. He probably got tired of these weak ass bitch made fake devs leaning on him to create a sustainable project and decided to unsustain it. And at the same time save lives. So you shake out weak hands and help India? I'll take a short dip in the market for that. Hell, I'll take a long dip. Yield farms, baby. Learn the system. My money keeps coming.

I don't think the bull run's over. But honestly, I'm contemplating not telling when I think it is. First off, I could be wrong. Second, I'm not anyone's fuckin babysitter. Crypto needs responsible people who can handle their own shit. Individuals have to be able to handle their own shit in order to contribute to a collective. We can't have freeloaders and babies here. The system's too new. It could get traumatized if it gets fucked in the ass as a child. If I give away my alpha, I'm empowering God-knows-how-many snatch-and-grab free riders who just want a lambo. 

Dips make you slow down and really think about who you are. As I watch my portfolio go deep in the red with all but a small percentage of God-tier shorts, I know for sure my philosophy is solid because I don't feel any capitulation. Fear, yes. Capitulation? No. Big difference. One is a biological response I can't control; the other is a physical action I control completely.

Figure out who you are. And if I don't interact with you because you're some pricehound or freeloader, don't get mad. I don't want to be around you, that's all. There's somebody who does. Go find them and ask them your retarded selfish shitcoin price question.

Haha, all this big talk from me, but I still wonder what I'd do if Satoshi's coins moved to an exchange and started selling off. Would I be ready to take on that kind of responsibility? As crazy as things are, we could see...


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