Profit Strategy for BSC Launchpads
Strategy for BSC crypto Launchpads

Profit Strategy for BSC Launchpads

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 6 Apr 2021

With the continued movement of funds from the Ethereum Network to the Binance Smart Chain comes the proliferation of the BSC launchpad. The launchpad I think is a response to the legendary scams of the 2017 ICO cycle. This time around, a group of smart devs are saying "we'll act as middlemen to vet these projects for you and take a bit of profit for the work." It's a good idea, it benefits everyone, and so far, it's worked. I haven't experienced anything near the horror stories of 2017 even though I've been rummaging around in the degen mudpile for many of my profits.

I'm personally keen to invest in BSC launchpads because the ones on ETH are gradually becoming more exclusive. I haven't gotten an allocation on fuckin Trustswap YET, and I've been there holding those stupid tokens for months. As these things age, they impose more exclusionary monetary policy that makes you invest more and more in the platform for less and less benefit. Actually, on BSC is guilty of this, which is why I'm moving my shit out of there ASAP. Fortunately there are PLENTY of other launchpads ready to treat my money better.

Some of those include Kickpad, Gumpad and Shrimp. I'm especially keen on Shrimp because it really hasn't had its pump yet. Get in while you can on that one, I says I says.

The strategy: A macro version of "buy the rumor, sell the news" almost.

I make money in crypto following one basic strategy — timing expansion and contraction on sectors, not individual projects. When you sense a trend that is expanding, like NFTs or launchpads, get in and go hard. You don't have to be "right" about which ones will come out on top, because the trend is just starting. The market is fueled by speculation, not performance.

Obviously, do your due diligence to avoid the obvious scams. Had to put that in there for the idiots who are reading.

Contraction comes when all the spec money is in and actual project performance begins to separate the men from the boys. At that point, money starts to come out of the sector as a whole. Even good projects will experience the dip. When all of the speculation money has been shaken out, the crappy projects will fold. You'll be left with less projects, but they'll be of a higher quality. But here's the trick: I don't want to be in the market while this decision is being made. So when the market starts contracting, I contract faster. I pull my money out of everything, even the projects I think are good, and move on to the next sector until the winners are clearly determined.

Even if I have to buy back into the good stuff at a price above the "lows," I made so much money during the expansion phase that I still come out in profit. Losing out on the ultra-bottom-lows is worth setting that risk to the side, and it is still profitable. I'm not trying to be a supertrader or time the market. I move on the trend, minimize my risk, and the exponential crypto market expansion/principle of asymmetric risk takes care of the upside. 

Also don't forget about Granddaddy Launchpad on Binance. Problem is you need tons of capital to make anything using that — you usually only get like 5-6% APY on those launchpools and pads. There's way more if you dig a little deeper.


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