Ol' Yeller Yellen Yells the Markets Down

Ol' Yeller Yellen Yells the Markets Down

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 4 May 2021

The only thing traditional financial leaders can do is tank the markets. Their position is honestly untenable. They can either let the US economy properly deleverage and get chaos in the streets or keep things going as they are and destroy dollar hegemony in the very near future. And as Yellen proved today, they can't decide which.

Ol' Yeller (because it's the end of her movie and she should be shot) Yellen accidentally leaked her opinion that the Fed should consider raising interest rates earlier than previously thought. Problem is that any talk of this will immediately tank the markets, as they did today. And it's also completely contrary to the message that Printing Press Powell is putting forth. PPP is trying to calm the markets, saying that interest rates will stay low until at least 2023, and they will communicate any change in policy well ahead of time.

And they can't even do this right. The market tanked before any retail investor had word of Yellen's comments. The Cantillon Effect is apparent even in news items — those closest to the "power source" get the shit first.

Fortunately, there is a power source outside of Yellen and Powell that doesn't give a fuck if you give info to the hedge funds first so they can get out first. The crypto market took a small dip, but nothing like it would have if crypto were still super correlated to the stock market. Ethereum held the line, and as I speak, various parties (including some bloggers) are buying up the dip like it was nothing. Because it was.

It doesn't matter if they keep information from us. It doesn't matter if they can't decide on policy. The fact is we can completely opt out of this system. Especially the young folks. Folks who haven't bought properties and created ties to the US will find the global lifestyle through crypto and take value and intellectual capital away from these incompetent idiots. Even the smart ones who have bought property will sell, take the money, buy crypto, and get a better deal somewhere else.

How do these idiots continue to think we're listening to them seriously? They are really just talking to themselves at this point.


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