More Bribes Paid to Regulators Who Offer No Value

More Bribes Paid to Regulators Who Offer No Value

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 11 Aug 2021

...except to themselves.

Said it before, I'll say it again, because this is the fuckin point someone needs to drive home to get regulators the fuck out of the space. When the US government fines crypto companies for doing wrong, they keep all the fuckin money. The company is then allowed to do business in the exact same manner as before. If they were fleecing investors, they continue to do so with no protection offered from the government. The only difference is now they do it legally with all of their "unregistered securities" now redefined into a legal offering.

Bitmex is the next victim of US regulatory extortion, this time for $100MM. I'm trying to see, what value did that bring to the "small investors" that liar Elizabeth Warren is trying to protect so hard? Are they going to see any of this money? Will anyone who rekt themselves on 100X leverage get a refund? (They shouldn't; this is trading, but you get the point.) No. The SEC keeps all of that money and uses 100% of it to keep itself alive and do exactly nothing else.

What a bunch of shitfucks. These pieces of shit are complete liars who want taxation without representation. And the biggest pro-crypto lobbying group includes the sellout failure exchange Coinbase, which completely robs it of any legitimacy. About the only thing going good today is the price of everything pumping.

But there's even a piece of shit in that chocolate chip cake. I don't trust this pump until bitcoin stays above $52.5k and confirms it, so watch out below. Just saying.

You should be learning DEXs, because the CEXs are the low hanging fruit for the government regulators. Let the dumbass normies get their ass reamed working with CEXs and giving up all their info and financial privacy. They can't regulate anything that's sufficiently decentralized. All you need then is a P2P on/offramp and you can protect your privacy. The resources are in my previous posts.


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