It Happened
btc is going to $20k

It Happened

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 20 Jul 2021

BTC broke under $30k, oh no. Everybody who's anybody predicted that a sustained dump below $30k means that BTC is going to $24k, and that may not even be the floor. I was one of those people. Never completely rule out the notion of a huge short squeeze turning this whole thing around, but barring that, there is no reason for the current trend to reverse itself for a few more weeks at least.

But Alucard, they're saying whales are accumulating bitcoin! Not only that, but the volume of bitcoin on exchanges is falling! How can that happen?! I'm losing money! Waa waa waa!

If you still don't get it, I'll explain one more time and try a slightly different way. Mostly because I don't remember how I explained it the last 14 times so I can't repeat myself.

Bitcoin existed and was traded before any bitcoin exchange. It was traded for stuff like pizza and had a value. There is no exchange required to give bitcoin a value.

Once exchanges came along, however, liquidity improved and created a better, more precise market to price bitcoin, but only against fiat. This allowed people who only understand fiat to enter the bitcoin market to speculate. This does not take away from the intrinsic, exchange-less value of bitcoin. Bitch, 1 BTC = 1 BTC. Example.

El Salvador will give you residency for 3 BTC. It doesn't matter if the fiat price of BTC on exchanges is $50k or $10k. 3 BTC still buys you residency. Why? El Salvador has finally cut out the middleman. They price their goods in BTC, not in US dollars. So the US dollar value of BTC doesn't matter.

If you think the US dollar value of bitcoin matters over everything else, you are probably in the United States. Everyone else knows what the fuck is really going on and is buying the shit out of this "dump." I'm happy about it. The more decentralized the distribution of BTC, the more powerful the BTC network becomes. And the more powerful BTC becomes, the less powerful the Fed becomes. This is what we want.

Here's the thing about the fiat price, though. It's going back up. It has to.

The whales controlling the fiat-BTC fishline are definitely devaluing BTC in terms of fiat. They recognize the true value of BTC and want to get as much as possible. In order for that BTC to fulfill its promise and become a pristine asset, those whales have to pump the price (or let stupid retail pump it for them). Developers do the same thing when gentrifying neighborhoods. In every major gentrification project, home values are allowed to tank until the developers get ready to buy up the entire neighborhood. What happens once the developer announces it's razing the block to build a 24-story condo? That's right — the value of all the real estate left skyrockets. The developers have to skyrocket the neighborhood's value to keep mom-and-pop investors from getting in on the grift. They use this dip-pump strategy to buy cheap, then lock you out of buying forever. They control the asset and take all the power.

This is what's happening to bitcoin right now. Whales have the ability to buy BTC without going through an exchange. Said another way, they can buy up what they want without affecting the price. Over the counter (OTC) trades are not sent to oracles like Chainlink, the programs that report crypto prices to sites like Coingecko. So while stupid retail sells their BTC on-exchange because they don't see price pumping, whales are gobbling it all up off-exchange without moving the price up.

Once the whales have what they want, they will allow retail to pump the price or pump it themselves. After that pump, bitcoin becomes too expensive for anyone else to own. The whales then clean up the remains or leave the scraps. It won't matter then. (Keep in mind that eventually, these whales will likely include the Federal Reserve and other Western central banks. Why not? They can just magic up fake money and buy up whatever they want. To think they won't do this is stupid, cuz they already did it with corporate bonds.)

What will matter is that you got locked out of an asset that is now favorably priced in your preferred fiat currency. Will you let this happen?

Understand that BTC could hit the low $20ks. Even the teens. You should be grabbing as much as possible, even if you have news of a stock market crash. Praise your god if that happens. That is the chance for all you latecomers to grab up enough BTC to change your lives. You also help everyone else politically because you decentralize distribution of the most powerful asset on earth.

The next few months will determine if bitcoin is used to move humanity forward or becomes just another tool for rich interests to destroy everyone else. This is not a movie. You are a part of this whether you choose to participate or not.


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