Is ETH About to Tank?
Ether should not be holding up your portfolio

Is ETH About to Tank?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 24 Mar 2021

The Ethereum Network is falling behind the other blockchains. I don't care about Uniswap 3.0 or any of these layer 2 "solutions." It's way easier to just move all of your shit over to Pancakeswap, Pancake seems to know this. If you look in the LP pools, Pancake is doing its best to offer a BSC version of every Ethereum pool it can. At the time of this writing, they added a Badger/BTC pool, and I couldn't move my Badger off ETH fast enough.

Mind you, all of the pools I had in Sushiswap took like $500 USD to move. And it was slow as hell. I had to refresh pages over and over again. Complete garbage. Plus the price of ether has been stuck in a rangey downtrend for weeks now. 

But Alucard! The ETH/BTC ratio is at a support level where ETH traditionally bounces and scores major gains!

It could also fall right the fuck through that support level if any of the upgrades announced for Ethereum have any sort of hiccup.

But Alucard! ETH moves with BTC, so when BTC gets through this little dip, ETH will come back as well!

In that case, I'd rather hold BTC because it doesn't have the downside risk of ETH. There's no fuckin reason to hold ETH unless you think it's going to outpace bitcoin.

But Alucard! The shills are saying that ETH is going to 5 digits before the end of the bull cycle! ETH Is one cycle behind bitcoin, and history is going to repeat itself perfectly even though we aren't in a 2017 market any more!

I'm not going to lie — I have FOMO on ETH as well. It's been the 800-pound gorilla for so long that there's no way I can completely give up on it. Others share my position; otherwise, ETH would be a ghost town already. Pancake is a better ETH, and other competitors (Zilliqa, Avalanche) are on the rise.

So I didn't sell all my ETH or anything like that. I did remove all of my LPs from the network and move them to other networks. I actually incorporated a strategy without even knowing it to derisk myself from ETH while retaining a significant position. Here's how.

My hypothesis is that ETH will eventually moon, whether of its own accord or just because it's somehow connected to bitcoin's movement. But I'm not going to sit around waiting for it. So what I do is sell ETH, yield farm and alt chase on other chains, and use those gains to buy back into ETH while funding other projects. I do this for a couple of reasons.

When everything is down like this (and read this article to find out why), the best investment is not ETH — it's shitcoins. If you get into decent alts while everything is down, those alts move exponentially more than ETH. This is especially true for brand new projects and projects copying on BSC. That's the hidden wave now —, Wault.Finance, SPI/GSPI, Yield Goat and the Binance version of stuff like Ramp, Tixl and Unitrade can get you major gains while ETH is sitting like a frog on a log.

When I get gains on that, I buy back into ETH. I'm not going for gains in ETH with these buybacks. I'm going for general accumulation of crypto. If ETH gets its shit together and takes off, I'm in the position. If not, I just sell that ETH after a while and repeat the process — put it into more alts and yield farms and buy back ETH again. Because I spend a lower amount of time with a high allocation of ETH in my portfolio, I am less likely to run into big losses if ETH tanks. Also, the ETH I have is free money anyway, so I don't care so much if it tanks. I'm also borrowing against the ETH asset to put in successful altcoins, so even if ETH tanks, it serves a successful utility for me. I win no matter what.

Eventually, I'll catch the capital gains ride up on ETH, but I won't have to wait on it to create value in my portfolio. I will also have allocations in many other projects that I picked up along the way. It worked like gangbusters during March, and I didn't even really know I was doing it. But when I looked back on my trading activity and saw I had made money without ETH moving much, I realized...oh yeah. That's what I did.

I listen to only a few crypto traders when deciding which alts to buy. That Martini Guy and Datadash are good. I stopped listening to that blonde bitch who does the weekly updates on every alt in existence because she completely fucked up the top on Theta. She said it would be like $11, and so far it's like $14 and still going up. What the fuck, bitch. You said $11.

So for me, that's the way to play this ETH thing. Put your (successful) methods in the comments.


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