Elon Musk is a dipshit but crypto doesn't care


By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 17 May 2021



IN fuckin DEED?

This man tweets one word — ONE WORD — and you fucks absolutely lose your fuckin shit. They say you buy bitcoin at the price you deserve. I also think you sell it at the price you deserve. If you're in and out of this market based on the word of one man, you deserve losses. Like I said in a previous post, I didn't get into crypto to stop worshipping Jerome Powell and start worshipping Elon Musk. I'm here for freedom.

If I miss the pullout and have to wait out a bear market, I'm fine with that. Just about every person I listen to who is crypto rich fucked up the pull out and had to wait out a bear. So I'm in good company. Bottom line is I'm not leaving yet. If you're scared, stop reading my blog and just sell and leave.

I'm a big fan of the philosophy that you can never know a man's intentions, only his actions. All of the crap trying to read Elon's mind and why he did what he did is pointless. Even if you knew the reason, it doesn't make a difference on the charts. What's done is done. Maybe Elon's manipulating the market for a buddy who missed out on BTC. Maybe he got convinced by his ultralib Silicon Valley friends that bitcoin is bad for the environs. Perhaps he got mad that no one bought any Tesla with bitcoin. Who cares?

What we do know from on chain data is that it's the stupid retail that's selling. How do we know this? The stuff that dumb money doesn't know about — Solana, Avalanche, Venus — they aren't dumping. The charts for those coins and the coins in their ecosystems all look like good bullish accumulation patterns. The only stuff that's dumping is the leading news crypto items.

We also know that stupid money keeps the crypto space connected with old world idiocy in a way that it shouldn't be. Right now, the edict that came down from Mount Tesla decrying bitcoin fucked up my Axie Infinity scholarships in the same way that shit monetary policy from Jerome Powell and Fed headquarters fucks up a poor family's eating habits. The connection is much easier to see between Musk and Axie than between the Fed and individual poverty. Perhaps this transparency will help people see how stupid it is to allow others to control their money.

How do we know this bull run isn't over? We don't. You know what? If we get coordinated BTC FUD from the US Fed, China, India, Elon, Michael Saylor, Mike Novogratz, and Pomp all at the same time within the next couple of days, the bull run's fuckin over. Smart money will follow dumb money out of the market and we're done. Barring that, we're following the same pattern of previous cycles. Bitcoin went through a sideways-down pattern during every bull run while alts took over but didn't go super parabolic. That's what we have now. Bitcoin got fuckt, but alts aren't really going nuts nuts.

I'm measuring the market by Litecoin, honestly. It's a good bellwether. If LTC does a 3-4X to $1200 in the next 2 weeks, then we might be looking at the end of the bull market. If LTC does that, then we might have something to talk about.

But right now, it's about big traders trying to fool dumb money out of their bitcoin. And they only have so much pressure to apply. We could actually have another leg down if we get another negative news item or some fuckery from the tradmarkets in the US. I don't care.

Now is the time to get into high yield poocoin yield farms. That is one of the best ways to preserve the fiat value of your portfolio while you wait out dips. It's also one of the best ways to get more bitcoin. Your portfolio is up in terms of BTC, by the way, and more BTC is what matters.


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