Doge is for Idiots but it Won't Tank Crypto

Doge is for Idiots but it Won't Tank Crypto

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 18 Apr 2021

Am I too late for a DOGE article money grab? I was too busy writing about more important stuff like the 20% market dump.

But no, the rise of DOGE isn't going to tank crypto like fatboy Charles Hotchkinson says. Is that how you spell his name? Chainlink 2.0 is more likely to tank our market. I'll be writing on that soon.

As I've said before, DOGE has one of the most important use cases of any coin in crypto. That vital use case is to test monetization for the network effect.

DOGE acts as a control for the crypto experiment. Because the coin has "no utility," we are able to test how expansive the network effect for the crypto macroeconomy can be. You wouldn't be able to measure this using any other coin. Why? Fundamentals would get in the way. If some people hold the coin because they receive a utility from it, they blend into speculative holders and keep us from taking a good metric.

When DOGE pumps to multibillions, it tells us that there is emotional energy that is ready to flow into crypto to back all of the technical innovation being produced. Without this energy, crypto becomes the Betamax.

As for DOGE onboarding idiots, Coinbase is onboarding idiots, too. I'd argue that Coinbasers and Blockfiers are dumber, actually. They are giving away their privacy and accepting a shit interest rate to take on the biggest investing risk in the market today. It makes no sense whatsoever to take 6% per year on an asset that every government in the world is trying to capture or kill. Your interest rate should be at least 100% APY on anything you're in. At least.

Also, money from DOGE tends to spill over into other alts, pumping bags like crazy during a bull run. So all of you morons saying DOGE this, DOGE that just grab your favorite coins, shut up and hodl. Thank me later. And thanks for the $2 I'll earn from this money grab article. Of course I can't use those gains because you can't move $2 on Ethereum, but it's the thought that counts. Join the Telegram group below.


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