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By benn0xake | cryptoinvesting | 1 Mar 2024

There's no more money in being a BTC maxi, which is why the arguments of guys like Tone Vays fall more and more on deaf ears. In a way, the ideologue is worse than the scammer:

Assuming the maxi believes what he's preaching and isn't in it to overfill his already healthy bags, listening to him only stunts your growth in the crypto industry. Because you can be sure of one thing – the maxi wouldn't be the maxi if he hadn't become rich in dollar terms from whatever he's trying to maximise. Not in BTC or ETH terms – dollar terms. The maxi has been able to sell off enough of the crypto asset, convert to fiat, and use that fiat to purchase some level of sustainable financial independence.

But you see, the maxi doesn't tell you about the conversion and financial independence purchase part. They only talk about the buying of the Crypto asset part. And unfortunately, once a crypto asset has been around long enough to attract maxis, its upside in dollar terms is limited compared to the time when the maxi bought in.

tl;dr – Maxis are telling you to buy into an asset that has already made them rich, but will not make you rich. They don't tell you that you should do what they did, which is go find an asset that doesn't have maxis yet to make yourself rich.

BTC/ETH Interops Can Make You Rich

The day of the maxi has given way to the day of the bridgoor. Instead of siloing yourself in a crypto corner, you can make a lot of money these days by supporting interoperability.

It's an established narrative that web3 will benefit from the two major blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, finding ways to work together. Instead of listening to influencooors who say that Bitcoin is too slow and can't integrate with Ethereum smart contracts, the crypto zeitgeist is working on ways to combine Bitcoin's reliability with Ethereum's adaptability.

And what do you know! There was no edict from God saying Bitcoin and Ethereum couldn't work together — just a bunch of nonsense from some maxis who thought interoperability would somehow hurt their bags. Today, if you want to make money, you're looking for the projects that are bridging BTC and ETH.

Why Now is the Time

The pattern of capital flows into crypto has been the same for three cycles: Once money flows into BTC, it then goes to ETH, then to big alts, then small ones (which are all on ETH or its L2s or parallels, etc.). So web3 money always finds a way to bridge BTC into ETH. Each cycle this becomes easier. 

With BTC a hair away from all-time highs, investors both institutional and smart money will be looking for ways to bridge that newfound capital into ETH and its L2s and parallel chains and all that good stuff. The bridges they use will become the narrative and receive investor attention.

Here are the top projects that have a shot to fly when the narrative of the World's Finest, Superman and Batman, Bitcoin and Ethereum together, hits the web3 mainstream.


BadgerDAO was one of the earliest Ethereum based projects to focus completely on the interoperability of ETH and BTC. Continuing to build over the last bear market (a huge green flag), they had a breakthrough with the eBTC dApp, a platform allowing for easy stETH backed BTC loans through eBTC, a stablecoin pegged to the price of BTC.

DAOs are not the wave now, but that's exactly the reason why to invest in a successful one — especially one that has always seen the potential for interoperability between BTC and ETH. And once people see how easy it now is to utilise their BTC value inside of the Ethereum infrastructure through Badger, they will reward the protocol with stupid gains.

Multibit ($MUBI)

Multibit is to this cycle what Shapeshift ($FOX) was to the last cycle — the cheapest and most convenient way to move money between the Ethereum and Bitcoin chains. Multibit has an advantage over Shapeshift as Multibit can also handle BRC-20s. The UI is also an attractive front that gets people excited about moving money.

Multibit was a market leader in the run-up to the bull market, which means that it will likely continue to be a leader in the market. Although Shapeshift could be a viable alternative, I would definitely look at Multibit as a core holding for the narrative of Bitcoin and Ethereum interoperability slash bridging.

Symbiosis ($SIS)

My favorite new Bitcoin inclusive bridge is now Symbiosis — might be my favorite overall bridge. Through Symbiosis, you can easily move tokens from Bitcoin to any of your favorite chains. Fees are consistently lower than many of the other bridges I've tried (although that is a shifty business; you should always compare rates).

But the real benefit of Symbiosis is convenience. No more multihops or manual swaps just to get money where you want — you can get it to and from a Bitcoin address in one step in the form that you want. $SIS is also the lowest mcap of any project on the list here (≈ $23M), so it has the ability to fly when the bull market picks up, especially if it finds a way to keep fees low.

As Optimus Prime says, "Until all are one."

And until we all are, let's make money moving towards that narrative instead of away from it.

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