Bonehead Biden Tanks Market With 50% Tax

Bonehead Biden Tanks Market With 50% Tax

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 22 Apr 2021

I'll expect an apology from anyone who ever called me a liberal. 

I hate Joe Biden, the piece of shit.

I swear, the second after I went in to lever up on some shit, somebody broke the news that Biden the idiot proposed a tax that will have some investors paying more than 50% of their income to the government. There are also rumors that he proposed a retroactive tax.

The stock market immediately took a hit. Coinbase, the shit stock, dipped below $300 for the first time. Other crypto based stocks took a hit as well including Riot Blockchain, Telsa, and Microstrategy. We can likely expect this to spill over into the actual crypto space. This was just the shock we needed to force bitcoin back into that $50k retest. It wasn't looking good before this, and now there's an even bigger chance that we test that level.

I wrote this article <--- that explains further the downtrend we're in. Prepare yourself for a possible retest to BTC$42k. I'm not saying short, but that's just not my game. I'm a long trader. But if you're long, it's likely we see some red in the market for the next few days at least. Until bitcoin breaks above $57.5k and stays there after a retest, I don't consider us back in a fully bullish pattern. Stock up on the projects you thought you missed. I think this is a good time.

Ether has been performing valiantly in an attempt to hold up the market. As I write this, crypto is actually holding up better than the fake ass crypto stocks.

Biden's press secretary said that the administration will remain true to its pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. That would be me. So I won't be paying taxes on any alleged gains I make in the crypto market. Even if you make more, you shouldn't pay those taxes. There's absolutely no reason the government should know what you make if you use defi correctly.

The stock market did not completely tank overall, meaning that the market may not actually believe that the Biden measure will pass. C'mon, racist your fucking job and block this fucking bullshit.


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