Binance US and Paypal Bitcoin Holders Are Gonna Get REKT
Don't get rekt by the government by doing business with Paypal or Binance US.

Binance US and Paypal Bitcoin Holders Are Gonna Get REKT

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 17 Nov 2020

If you're buying on the news of bitcoin's march to $16k and the news of Paypal allowing you to buy bitcoin, you can expect to get rekt. 

There are people who make money in crypto the ethical way — investing in projects, taking their losses and enjoying the huge wins that come with this market. Then there are the parasites like Paypal who are feeding off of your ignorance of the details of the market.

What's more, Binance is now kicking US users off of its main platform. They can still use Binance US, but the liquidity on that platform is much lower.

How do these two things correlate with each other?

The US government is cracking down on the onboarding and custodial gateways of crypto. Trying to, anyway. Their efforts are so far behind the technology now that it's laughable. Here's the thing, though. They can catch up.

At some point, Binance US and Paypal bitcoin holders are gonna get REKT.

The biggest problem in crypto right now is the inability of the average investor to look forward. This message is going to be especially difficult to get out in the coming bull market, because profits will blind people to anything else. But this has happened before. There are so many people from the 2017 mania who turned $5,000 into $100,000, then turned right back around and turned that $100,000 into $2,000. Too bad, so sad.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The big dump after this bull run won't come from fundamentals. 2017 dumped because the technology behind bitcoin and the rest of crypto didn't warrant all of that attention yet. At its current phase, crypto tech is bringing forth some truly innovative products and ideas. This bull run will be slower and more sustainable. It won't be as high, but it won't dump as quickly. There will be some real titans created from 2021, both individual investors and companies.

But the dump will come. And the people who will get rekt will get rekt because of regulation, not the failure of tech or speculative promise.

Guaranteed — there will be an entire generation of investors from the US who onboard into crypto through Paypal or do business with Binance US. These people will never learn the importance of custody or anything about private keys. They will allow Paypal to keep custody of their crypto, and they will keep their purchases on the highly regulated Binance US platform.

Eventually, those funds will be confiscated by the US government. Mark my words.

The 2021 bull run will put crypto on the map as a financial and technical force, one that government and international cabals can no longer ignore. You can bet that the folks who really run the US government — those who are controlling it on an international level — will completely destroy anything they can custody. The value of crypto will be too high, and the potential for individual sovereignty for the average person will be too great. They will begin to force whoever they can to onboard into their CBDCs, and they will use force to force you. The only people who will be safe are those who took the time to educate themselves about how to protect their crypto.

This won't be most people. They'll take the quickest route to "number go up," and they will pay for it.

If you're reading this article, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Take heed to the warnings that the market is giving you now. Look at what is happening to Okex and Huobi. Do you really think this kind of nonsense won't eventually make its way to the US? You're messing with international banking primacy.

Learn how to protect your financial sovereignty as well as your wealth. It's fairly simple. Don't do business with companies within the regulatory purview of governments you know to be oppressive. There are plenty of DEXs and P2P platforms to onboard, offboard and trade crypto with.


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