The price of JET fuel

By Nams | cryptohowto | 7 Jan 2022

Don’t we all just hate it when the price of fuel goes up?

Well, here is the price of a fuel that you would just love if it went up; Jetcoin!

Jetcoin is the fuel for the world of sports and entertainment. It gives fans and supporters a rare opportunity to be part of their favourite star’s success, and get the benefits in the processs. With Jetcoin, fans and supporters (or just anyone, really) can own intellectual property rights of budding talent via JET NFT cards. Owning a digital collectible of an upcoming athlete or entertainer gives the owner an opportunity to leverage on the success of that personality as the value of the collectible gains value with the increasing success of the athlete or entertainer. The fuel that drives this ecosystem is Jetcoin (JET). This article will dwell much on the price of jet fuel…. err Jetcoin.

Historical price action of JET

Jetcoin has been actively trading on the market for a while now. Historical price data obtained from Coingecko goes as far back as January 2018. A sharp dump can be seen in the chart below just after launch (as it was typical of many projects at that time). This was when the world of crypto was in the middle of the ICO phase, so that price action can be understood from that perspective. The opening price was 0.43 in January 2018 and dropped all the way to 0.03 by the end of the first half of 2018. Since then, JET has continued to make steady sideways movements, with occasional spikes in price as can be seen in April 2019, March 2020 and July 2020. These sudden price movements could have been triggered mainly by market sentiments. Generally, JET price has been trading within a tight band showing a clear floor and ceiling. The lower limit has been a few cents while the upper limit has been just above 5 cents. It has support at 1 cent and resistance at 5 cents. The recorded all-time low price was $0.00116226, while the all-time high price after the opening dump was at $0.504004 reached on April 22, 2018.

53de21ee051559d729c97b80e6220244d2335dd1315dc4349e5401946fef8347.pngJetcoin Chart on Coingecko

Current price action

The current price action of JET is as cool as a cucumber. It is what most analysts would call the accumulation zone. The calm before the storm. There is a very limited movement in price upwards or downwards, as it continues to move sideways waiting for a breakout when the resistance is finally breached. An upward break out in the price is expected to be driven by rapid adoption of JET which will be triggered by its increased visibility in the sports and entertainment industry. Jetcoin has entered into partnerships with big football clubs, Formula One after parties and luxury yacht shows.

Currently trading at $0.39, ranked number 2651 with a market capitalization of $494,609, and a circulating supply of 12.8 million out of a total supply of 80 million, Jetcoin’s growth potential is tremendous. A break out in price could see it trading at much, much higher than the current price.

Active markets

Jetcoin is an ERC-20 token that is traded on Mercatox and ProBit Global.


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