Ultimate Crypto Check List

By Dan Druff | cryptoholics_anonymous | 11 Jun 2021

 Criteria for the Ultimate Crypto...For Citizens.


While researching the crypto rabbit hole, I found myself trying to sift through all the claims from crypto projects that offer all the solutions wrapped up in a bow. 

The supposed trilemma is out there, and I think that's what set off the boom in alt coins.  They all have a different angle on how they are better than Bitcoin, or how they enhance it, or leverage Ethereum somehow to give us the ultimate answer.

Some even offer the promise of a de-centralized internet, this idea is actually what gets me most excited. I think we'll eventually get there, but not until after de-centralized finance. I just hope to see it in my life time.

There are so many solutions needed to get to the production ready solution for crypto to gain mass adoption. My prediction is Spring 2025 before it becomes ubiquitous. There will be no denying it after the next BTC halving.

SO, it got me thinking, if there was no 'trilemma', what would the traits be for the ultimate crypto economy?

My list so far:

-Open Source

-Started by people with integrity and strong technology / philosophy

-Funding and capital acquired fairly and transparent

-Unique enough to become a standard for bridging micro to macro transactions

-Smart Contracts

-Customizable currencies, tokens, NFT



-Oracle integration


-Proof of Stake

-Resistant to bad actors and crime



What else am I missing? Or how could I simplify the list?  I'd actually really like to hear your comments on this one...

I know to put this check list ALL together is a tall order, but I think it's the checklist that we need to have answers for, before crypto takes over the way we all want it to.

I would love for my favourite crypto projects to merge, but I imagine they are all too invested in themselves to offer complicated merger options right now.

However, I think it would speed up the crypto wars, and help us forge our path forward to a less volatile and promising future.









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Dan Druff

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