Legit Crypto Faucet for Daily Easy Claims! Pipeflare, Horizen, Litecoinads, Bucksify....

Legit Crypto Faucet for Daily Easy Claims! Pipeflare, Horizen, Litecoinads, Bucksify....

By cryptohammy | Cryptohammy | 31 Jan 2021


CoinPot is shutting down in Jan 2021 and I have been a user for a long time. I have always been a avid fan of crypto faucets since 2017 to get some free coins. It is great to earn some free coins by either clicking on the claim links or ad views daily.

Do support by visiting the links below.

Here are some great alternatives to CoinPot that have high rewards and excellent user interface (I have also made several claims via these alternatives):


PipeFlare is the one of the easiest to claim and trusted crypto faucet. Currently it is giving out free ZCASH and DOGE as well as their own FLARE tokens. The ZCASH is credited to your wallet daily upon claims and DOGE are credited for every 1 doge.

There are also loyalty bonuses if you make daily claims and can multiply your claims up to 2x.

Visit now: https://pipeflare.io/r/51ac


Horizen is considered one of the top privacy coins in the industry and are known for their open community and cutting edge technology. Many multipliers are applied to the claims including using Brave browser to access. Get the chance to claim up to 0.02 ZEN when you log in for 5 consecutive days in a row.

Visit now: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=331250


Litecoinads is a new faucet that I would recommend. You can earn quite a fair bit from the PTC ads and the faucet claims. The accumulated amount can be converted to either BTC, LTC or DOGE according to your preference.

Visit now: https://litecoinads.com/default.aspx?u=224071

Bucksify (Earn via Surveys)

Bucksify is different from the above faucets as this will earn you more via surveys and the loyalty bonuses are the best around for survey earnings. Bucksify is similar to Cointiply such that you earn the points via surveys.

This is highly recommended as the payout is highest among all but it will take a fair bit of time to do the surveys. I have cashed out about USD$50-100 every month since I started.

Visit now: https://bucksify.com/?ref=st9713


I have made many claims via the above faucets and earned quite a fair bit from Bucksify especially. All the best to all for accumulating the crypto coins and earnings!


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