CAMELBTC - New game paying in BTC

By Gynco | CryptoGynco | 3 May 2023



CamelBTC is a free online game that allows players to build and manage their own virtual city. Players can add workers to constructions to collect resources. However, as the workers collect resources, the amount of resources in the pool decreases. The good news is that the pool regenerates on its own over time, but players can speed up the process by adding more workers. If a construction runs out of resources, players will only collect a lower amount of resources generated by the pool.

Players also need to protect their city against attacks from other players. By placing soldiers as defenders, players can reduce or prevent resource loss during attacks. Additionally, there is a secret tip: do not close the attack notification, as this will prevent further attacks.

To increase the resource collection capacity, players can upgrade their constructions. There are no limits to upgrades, but players need to pay money to increase the capacity.

Players can also explore territories for extra rewards, such as resources, soldiers, or gems. The barn is another option, where players can purchase animals with gold and use them to generate additional income.

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