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Fantom Defi Degen: AlgoStable Coin MVDOLLAR-USDC Staking on MVFinance for 610% APY

By Charles Gune | cryptoguru | 14 Apr 2022

MiniVerse Finance is an algorithmic stable coin protocol pegged 1:1 to USDC on Fantom. Inspired by previous algorithmic stable protocols such as Basis Cash and Tomb Finance. Much like Tomb our protocol uses three tokens (MvDOLLAR, MSHARE, MvBOND) to incentivize a stable 1:1 peg to USDC. It's mechanism dynamically adjusts MvDOLLAR's supply, pushing its price up or down relative to the price USDC. This should be $1 however there may be times where USDC loses its peg and if our protocol is functioning as intended will follow USDC to keep pegged 1:1 to it. MiniVerse Finance will be bridging the gap between the NFT space and Defi space on Fantom. Through our NFT GameFi we plan to bring utility to MvDOLLAR (algorithmic stable coin pegged 1:1 with USDC). MiniVerse Finance will be one of the first forks to build use case for the algorithmic stable coin through our NFT GameFi. MVfinance recommend you do value averaging oppose to dollar cost averaging. In value investing, calculate predetermined amounts for the total value of the investment in future periods, then by making a investment to match these amounts at each future period. To maintain the peg MVFinance recommend 40% of your emissions into MVDollar/USDC LP, put 30% into MShare/USDC LP or MVDollar/MShare LP, 20% into Boardroom for Staking MShare, 10% take profits and rinse and repeat.

Swap in Spookyswap to Purchase MvDollar Tokens
I went to SpookySwap and connect my Fantom Metamask wallet. I swap out few WFTM that is lying around to MvDollar tokens I want to Stake later in this video. As of shooting this video 1.05 MvDollar is 1 FTM token. I got 8.987118 MvDollars or $9.87 worth. I did not have enough USDC in my wallet as of shooting this video, so I did not deposit funds into MVDOLLAR-USDC LP. I will be showing you later instead single side staking of MVDOLLAR.

Import MvDollar Token into Metamask
Go to GeckoTerminal USDC/MvDollar token pair chart. Copy the MvDollar token address. Go to Metamask Token, click import. Past this token address. Now you will see your MvDollar amount in your Metamask wallet.

Staking MVDOLLAR in
Go to click on farms tab. I wanted to invest my 8.9 MvDollar in to MVDOLLAR farm that will be earning daily APR of 1.43% or yearly APR of 523%. If you click on the APR calculator, If you deposit $1000, in 1 day i will be making $14.30. In 7 days $100. In 30 days $429 and in 1 year I will be making $5200. It is the similar for double side staking on MVDOLLAR-USDC LP on Spookyswap. I clicked on MVDOLLAR stake button. I deposited my 8.9 MVDOLLAR tokens I got from SpookySwap. I had to first approve deposit with FTM gas. Then actual deposit of tokens and pay with FTM gas. All i paid was less that $0.01 in FTM gas fees for both Fantom blockchain transactions. That is the beauty of Fantom Chain because it is very low gas fees during non-congested times. I would not interact with any chain during high gas fees times -certainly not with Ethereum either.

Risk and Reward
Finally, here are the Risk and Reward with my current MVDOLLAR yield farming on Fantom. The most risk you take is MvDollar will lose peg against USDC and drop below a dollar. It it goes above the US dollar you effectively hold higher investment that you bought at which is a good thing. There is always smart contract exploits on Miniverse Finance where all or partials of funds can be stolen. There is the risk of MSHARE tokens you earn as rewards can be lost in value over time so you reward effectively will drop in value - in effect your APR will drop in value.

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