The ICO Scam of 2022 "SeeSaw Protocol"

By rexngum | CryptoGreed | 28 Mar 2022

In this piece, I am going to cover the ongoing seesaw protocol pre-sale ICO Scam. And I invite you to take a look and let us find out what you think about it and provide your due diligence in the comments section below so we can both learn. Readers are Leaders 😁

The SeeSaw Protocol is a major financial scam that is taking place in the Crypto Space and there is a call for consent. The scam was perpetrated by a group of criminals who posed as a legitimate business entity in order to dupe investors out of their money. The group promising to launch a new product in the Crypto market called "SeeSaw Protocol" which would be used to fund a new business venture. However, the group have not launched the project but there actively involved in their business that's need attention and that is why am supposing its a scam which would let them pocketed the money raised from investors.

This scam will finally go as planned and will be considered one of the most significant financial scams in  the cryptocurrency industry this year. The group behind the scam are exchanging their protocol token for popular coins to be deposited after the pre-sale. Continue reading to see why this is a scam.

The mean common read flags about the ICO are mind blowing and that a lot a of people are falling behind in the Crypto Space.

To begin with, this has been shilled and channeled through media outlets such as:,,, and many more. We now see how thousands of people maybe millions have been targeted.

As always, most investors trust their news channels and they ultimately invest without their proper research. Don't Trust Verify while many people are comfortable with the old saying, Trust But Verify.

Anonymity in the Crypto Space nowadays shouldn't be be trusted for what ever reason. To our greatest dismay, SeeSaw Protocol's team is anonymous to its investors. It's worth noting that it is too late for a project's team to be anonymous to the public moderate security check from Certik or Solidity, whatever security measures you can think of. 

Given that, there are sites with detector tools such as,, to help display information about each site you visit andore importantly, shows the credibility of the site. Take a brief look about algorithm credibility of's website; 

Scam Adviser: Overview check of seesaw 


Scam-detector: Overview check of seesaw 


The red flags are identifiable, given in aspiration to the launch, there are no trailers to update the community in social networks, given their professional content as could be seen on their white paper. 

More importantly, I lookup their telegram and it's not accessible. We're going going to called deal done, when the website won't be accessible. 

Since you can only pay for this ICO with popular crypto coins, the team would definitely be untraceable while it's limited since the payment is through a gateway (third-party). Being anonymous and wooing bank transfers or accepting visa payments, it would be hard to track the client rendering you to kiss 😘 goodbye 👋 to your money 💰 🤓 🤓. If you bought the ICO, chances are high you will lose your money, "I am truly skeptical" and if you're planning, after reading this article you then "don't trust verify" that's crypto.

NOTE: Whatever, it should be of interest that, the team behind are truly professionals in the Crypto Space and it would have cost them putting together a white paper of its kind and shilling shilling it to so many crypto news outlets to reach out a good number investors. So much so that, even new and old in crypto and eager to make quick money.

OPINION: Build it, Run it, Market it

WATCHOUT: It's highly recommended that the seesaw protocol will turn out to scam investors because the telegram chat group is not accessible to investors. If it turns to be a live project given the website is still accessible and piling in their own pie from unaware clients, so with disbeliefs from investors this moment, they'll dump it with at the speed of lightning if it resurface in the market. All in all, I think they have outsmart their clients.

Personally I believe in Bitcoin and crypto economy, and it's always saddening when I come over fraud relating this space. Stay safe out there when it comes to crypto so we can help make crypto greener.

Side Note: I am not in any way to give you financial advice. So, my thoughts are mainly educational and not for decision making. I will keep you posted, because the pre-sale is ongoing.

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